Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well getting ready to have a baby is one of the many challenges of becoming a parent. We didn't know where to start in terms of buying a car seat, supplies, clothing etc. There really is too much out there, and much of it is ridiculous in price. I found this out when trying to find bedding for you. There were so many beautiful blankets and sets, but I found they were so expensive. I didn't think that it was necessary to spend so much on a blanket, when I could spend money on more important items. Anyway, I decided to make your blanket, curtains, crib skirt and all of your receiving blankets. I chose green, yellow and a froggie print which I thought would work for a boy or girl. I made a rag time quilt, which is the best kind to make because it doesn't show that I can't cut a straight line to save my life! I chose to make your receiving blankets because the ones in the store are just too small to properly swaddle a growing baby. Everything turned out pretty good. However, I don't recommend that a pregnant woman take on too many projects. I found that out when I was too tired to do anything, and rushed at the last minute.

The last seven or so weeks of my pregnancy definitely were the hardest physically. I started to get very tired at work, and didn't think I was going to make it to my scheduled last day. My legs swelled badly. However, all wasn't so bad. One of the neatest things I got to experience was watching you move. Now not only could I feel you, but I could see little movements of my belly shifting. That was pretty awesome.

I finished work on my scheduled day which was June 19th. I was very happy to be done since I was so tired. Since my expected due date was July 13th, it gave me three weeks to catch up around the house and do the last preparations...or so I thought. On June 20th I went to my staff summer BBQ in which I shocked eveyone as I rode up with Les on the Harley! Yep I was able to squeeze into my leather jacket too!

Les also took me fishing one beautiful day in June. He had been working on his grandpas boat and couldn't wait to try it out. Of course the camera was acting up so I don't have a picture, but I guess one of our friends does. I will try to get a copy and post it later.

The pictures here were taken in May, when I was about 7 months pregnant. We went quadding for the day.

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