Tuesday, June 29, 2010

51 Weeks: Happy Birthday Week!

Only a few hours old in this picture!

June 30/2010- Well my little man, tonight is your last night as a little baby I guess. Tomorrow you will be a big boy!! One year old already. I can't believe it. Seems so weird that last year at this time, Mommy was very pregnant with you. And you were probably kicking away like crazy being a little monkey just as you are now!

You are sleeping right now and Mommy and Daddy have got a lot of things ready for the party tomorrow. Mommy is making a big Canada Flag cake, Daddy made burgers and we bought lots of other good things to eat! We are very excited to have everyone over. I pray that we have nice weather! Last year actually the weather was very nice, although Mommy didn't get to enjoy it too much!

Well I will write more later I guess, after the party is said and done!

July 3/ 2010- Your party was a hit! We had lots of fun. In the morning Mommy and Daddy got the last minute things ready before people started to arrive. You got to open the presents from us. Daddy bought you a little ball glove, soft ball, Canada cooler and a sweater from Lammle's that says "Cowboy Up". Mommy bought you red slippers, and a new life jacket. Plus everything else for the party!
We had lots of guests who all enjoyed the BBQ burgers Daddy made. You weren't really feeling well I don't think since you still have a darn cold. So you had a nap half way through the party. Then we had your fancy cake which you didn't understand. You are still too little. But that's okay it was still fun for Mommy and Daddy. You didn't really even eat your cake. MMMmmmm it was Mommy's famous chocolate cake too!
Everyone who came was very generous and brought wonderful gifts for you. TOO MANY! We appreciate it very much. It's nice to know we have such nice friends and family. You got lots of new toys that you will learn to play with soon. Some new clothes and money too.
All in all it was a good day. It was a lot of work, but I am really happy that I did it for you! Why not? You are my little star!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

50 Weeks: Riding in Style

Well in the last week you have enjoyed going for rides on many different things! You love to ride the quad with Mommy and Daddy, and now when we go you make a "brrrr" noise like a motor. It is very cute.

We also have taken you around the yard on the lawn mower while cutting grass and you don't seem to mind that.

Two new things were that Daddy took you for a 2 second ride on the Harley, since he wants to sell it now and thought you should sit on it at least once!

And we bought a boat, so we took you fishing and boating. You really liked that! You seem to really love being outside. Sometimes when you are fussy Mommy just has to put you in the stroller outside and you are quiet. You love to look around at everything, and listen to all the different bird sounds etc. I think you will be a kid who loves the outdoors. Good thing!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

49 Weeks: A Very Runny Nose

Ahh my little man, you have been sick this week. Poor little guy, you've caught a nasty cold. There has been snot everywhere! All over Mommy! And there are kleenex and wipes scattered throughout the house.

Thankfully you have not developed a bad cough or anything, and hopefully you won't. You are still sleeping okay despite the fact that you are having a hard time to breathe. But Mommy has given you a Eucalyptus bath and rubbed baby Vicks on you!

Big news for this week...is that Daddy should be home in a few days.

Here are some pictures of you "brushing your teeth". I have tried to use the finger brush, but now you just bite my finger!

Daddy came home on Friday, and guess what "you bought him for Father's Day"...a boat! Mommy wasn't too keen on getting a boat, but it is a nice thing that we can do activities as a family. You got to go for your first boat ride, and fishing trip. Mommy took lots of pictures, but of course the camera is now missing.

Daddy has decided to put is motorcyle for sale, so Mommy took some pictures of you sitting on it with Daddy.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lots of pics of you today! (June 11, 2010)

48 Weeks: Curious George

Good day little man! Today is June 11, 2010 and Mommy realized it was time to update the blog! But guess what, Mommy had not taken any pictures of you in the last week! So today she went a little camera happy and has now posted 14 pictures! First we started off by just playing on the couch, but then you looked so cute playing by the window. Later this evening it was too nice to stay inside so Mommy took even more pictures of you!
This week went by quickly with it being Mommy's 2nd week back at work. It was also my birthday and Mommy turned 28! Yikes! We went to Sito's for pizza and cake. Sito makes good pizza...except when she puts broccoli on it! Mommy always tells her that it doesn't go on pizza!
You did well at the sitters, except for yesterday in which you cried quite a bit in the after noon. You did the same thing today. But I think you had a sore tummy because you had a very big poop and you were all better!
Mommy called this post Curious George because you are in a very curious stage right now. You crawl over to everything, touch everything etc etc. You are always looking for something new and trying things out. Of course you don't know who Curious George is. He was a popular cartoon Monkey a long time ago. But that name suits you now!
Tomorrow Mommy will be going out to LLB to Andrew's Grad. Mommy remembers visiting Auntie Najala Andrew when he was just a baby and was there when he took his first steps! Now he is graduating from high school. It's really amazing how time flies. I guess it's because we are always so busy that the days just cruise!
Daddy is still at work, but checking your blog every 10 mins. He really misses you!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here are some more photos of you. And here are the new kitties we have. They were born on Mother's Day we think! The last ones we had we born about 1 week before you were! Aren't they cute?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

47 Weeks: Mommy Starts Work Again

This week has started off very busy for you. Over the weekend you got to spend 2 nights at Sito's house!! The original plan was that Mommy and Daddy were going to go on a horseback trail ride, but the weather was so bad we didn't go. You stayed at Sito's anyway. She took you to Uncle Darweish's 50th birthday party where you were a big hit. Mommy packed your western shirt, dark blue jeans and new cowboy hat. Everyone thought you were so cute, and one lady said you should be the poster boy for the Calgary Stampede!

Anyway Sunday we picked you up, Daddy got ready to go to work for Monday. And on Monday Mommy got ready to go back to work! I was a bit nervous about dropping you off at the baby sitter, but you seemed okay with it. At the end of the day Mommy was so relieved because you had a really good day!! You slept well, ate well and didn't hardly cry at all. Today was just as good! Mommy is so happy. When she dropped you off this morning you had a big smile as soon as you saw "Auntie Chantal", your sitter and the other kids. Mommy definitely feels like you are well taken care of. And you are eating things that I didn't know you could even eat! Auntie fed you a grilled cheese sandwich, and other things you ate all by yourself! I am so proud of you!

So tomorrow will be the end of Mommy's first work week! SO FAR SO GOOD!