Wednesday, September 16, 2009

11 Weeks: Mr. Sneezy

Well my little guy, you have a cold! I can't beleive it already...thanks to Uncle Darwin and Daddy. You have boogers galore and are quite grumpy. And guess what? I took you to the Doctor yesterday and you also have thrush on your tongue. What are you trying to do to me? Ahh but you can't help it. I have to give you medicine now for a few days. The assistant at the clinic weighed you and you are now 11 lbs, 12 ozs. What a little piggy you are!

I have made your birth announcement and have started to send them out to people as "thank yous" for all of the wonderful gifts you received. I am really slow at getting them out, and there is still a stack on the counter without addresses. Here is a picture of the announcement.
Sept 21-09: As the week has gone by you have gone through your cold which wasn't too severe thankfully. Daddy and I went to a wedding so you got to sleep overnight with Sito and Grandpa. They were very excited to have you over. You also got to meet my Uncle Richard and your cousin Andrew. Grant, Lucie and the kids came to visit and brought you some very nice gifts. Lucie says she has lots of hand-me-downs for you. Today you also got to meet "Uncle Jared". He was very excited to meet you and says you are very cute. He brought you a Team Canada t-shirt set and some Montreal Canadians bibs! He really wants you to become a die hard hockey fan.

This week I made you a home-made mobile for above your crib. I haven't found a nice one that I really like yet, so I just put one together with some felt and a glue gun. I made you a lady bug, worm, butterfly, bumble bee and dragonfly. It's cute I guess. At least it keeps you occupied!
Wow! The weeks continue to go by quickly. Your next week will be exciting for you...we are planning a little trip. First we plan to hit Saskatoon, then Winnipeg and then Thunder Bay. After that we will see. You will be meeting many new people along the way. I hope all goes well and that you travel well. I am going to bring my computer with me so I can journal as we go!

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