Friday, September 4, 2009

2 Weeks: Meeting Judo Otto

At two weeks you were starting to really get over your jaundice. We no longer had to take you to the hospital daily to have your blood tested. Thank goodness for that. Your poor little heels were becoming pin cushions.

Feeding difficulties continued. I became quite frustrated because I still didn't have any milk, which at this point was quite unusual. We visited the health nurses often and had you weighed. You were slowly gaining some weight, which was still good, but feeding was some tiring for me.

The highlight came at the end of this week, when Sito had my aunties and cousins over at the house to meet you. Jamealie (moms cousin) brought baby Zain, who is 5 months older than you. He is the first great grandchild of the family, but you are a close number 2. Judo Otto (who you are named after) came too and met you for the first time. He was very happy to see you and is proud that we named you after him. He is 80 years old.

We had a nice visits with aunties and cousins, and everyone oohed and awwed over you. They couldn't believe how small you were, and definitely said that the hair ran in the family.

During this week you began to wake up on your own to eat. We no longer had to wake you. You were eating approximately 1- 1.5 oz per feeding. You were smiling a little in your sleep now...probably related to gas at this point!

I took my most favorite picture of you so far. You were wearing your little red sleeper that you looked extra cute in. And look at how small you look in our bed.

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