Friday, September 4, 2009

1 week: Okay Now What?

So we took you home, and the chaos started...really, what we were going to do now? Well luckily and unluckily for us you were a very sleepy baby. Luckily, because you didn't do a lot of crying, and unluckily because we had to keep waking you to try to get you to eat.

Feeding was the most difficult thing to deal with. Because you were so sleepy, we had to undress you, cool you off, jiggle you, tickle you, and wipe you down to get you to wake up. Even with all that you would hardly stay awake. This was really hard on us because you were getting more jaundice, and we really wanted it to go away.

Unfortunately no matter how much I tried I didn't have any milk to breastfeed you. So we supplemented with formula and tried to get you to eat as much as we could. We woke you every two hours.

At each feeding you only ate 1/2- 1 once of formula.

Both daddy and I were very stressed out. And very tired as we were not used to waking so much to feed you.

We had a lot of company, which was nice, but tiring just the same. I couldn't really visit much since I had to spend a lot of time trying to feed you, and trying to get some sleep myself.

Here you are with daddy "thinking" and with me...look at your yellow little chicken. And here's also a picture of your very first bath at home.

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