Wednesday, September 9, 2009

6 Weeks: A Smile Speaks A Thousand Words

At six weeks one of the most exciting things we are noticing is your ability to smile voluntarily now...and it's not related to gas! Daddy can talk to you and you will often smile at him. You will also immitate his smiles at times (which is what he is trying to do in the picture above). You are not smiling so much for me yet, which is a bit disappointing. And I can never seem to catch one of your gummy grins with the camera. When you do smile it is one of the most beautiful things. I can't describe the way it makes us feel. But it is just so rewarding.
This week you also had your 6 week check up with the doctor. He did the standard things he usually does, such as measurements, weight and listens to your chest. You weigh over 9 lbs now! You are really growing. There were no concerns at this check up.
I am trying to dress you now in other clothing besides sleepers. Unfortunately most things still don't fit, and you have so many cute outfits! You kind of fit in the jeans you are wearing in the above picture, but it's a stretch. I really just put them on because they are so cute. I can't wait to see you wearing some of the other clothes.
You seem to have established more of a pattern of night feeding now. You usually want to eat at 1 am, 3 am and 5 am. The times vary a little bit. But you do seem to be ready to get up by 6 or 7 that's early! I am usually taking the night shift. Daddy usually gets up with you in the morning. You two watch the news and relax on the couch for awhile, and I try to sleep a bit.

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  1. wow hannan! that is a beautiful pic of cody and dad! just gorgeous!