Wednesday, September 30, 2009

12 Weeks: Road Trip, post 2

Billie getting comfy

Meal to go

Chillin in the car seat
Sept 29.09- Well today we arrived at our goal destination, Thunder Bay! We headed to my friend Alesha's place which is actually in the country outside of town. She and Scott have a nice little place here. The scenery is beautiful, very similar to home in terms of the fall colors so far. We headed in to town once we set up the camper and showered. There we went to the store to get a few things, and bought you some cute dangly toys for the car seat to keep you occupied.
Alesha met us in town and showed us the "sleeping giant" in Lake Superior, and the marina.
Tonight we visited and we opened a very nice gift from Alesha and Scott. They bought you a cute pair of overalls with a flannel shirt, perfect for a little farmer. They also bought you a beautiful tractor piggy bank engraved with your name. So thoughtful.
You are kind of grumpy tonight. I am not sure what is bothering you. Anyway you are sleeping now. Tomorrow we will likely tour the city a little. Maybe go for some walks.

Sept 28.09- Today we are on the road again heading toward Thunder Bay ON. Yesterday while in Winnipeg, Dustin took us to the downtown area to sight see and to do a little shopping. He took us to the market at The Forks (where two rivers meet). There were lots of nice gift shops there, but I didn't really buy anything. You slept the whole time in your snuggly. You were nice and cozy, and a few people commented on how cute you looked in there! The weather wasn't all that great, cold and rainy, but we really enjoyed the market. Also, he took us on a drive down the river to look at all the beautiful homes. Very nice.

As I said today we were on the road today. We made it almost all the way to Thunder Bay, but actually decided to pull over and camp for the night. It was cold and rainy and getting late for you. So we camped on a random road off the highway. It was actually pretty nice.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

12 Weeks: Road Trip

Baby Mocs

I love my Chauffer

Manitoba Border

Snoozing in the camper

Sept 27.09- Well we decided to stay an extra day in Saskatoon. We didn't really do much, just relaxed and I even took a nap with you. Yesterday morning we left early and hit the road to Winnipeg. Wow what a long drive! We didn't arrive until about 9:00pm, but we lost an hour due to the time change. Dustin and Dianne were waiting for us. You were wide awake when we arrived so we visited inside for awhile. They bought you a tiny pair of Moccasins! They are so cute! I can't wait until you can run around in them. Right now they are still cute on your feet.
Today we are not sure what the plan is. Dustin wants to take us on a tour of the city since I haven't really seen much of it before. So hopefully we will get some good pictures. Yesterday while I was trying to take a picture of you at the Manitoba sign I fell in a hole and hurt my ankle! Daddy thought it was pretty funny. Oh yeah one more thing...last night while I washed you up I just about got a real giggle out of you. I was tickling your belly and you just about laughed! It was pretty cute. I am going to keep trying.

Sept 24.09- So today we started out on our little road trip leaving home at about 10 am this morning. Everything was going well until we stopped in Lloydminster where we think we may have got some bad fuel from the gas station. From then on we seemed to be having some truck trouble. We had to stop several times, and piss around in North Battleford looking for a new fuel filter. Anyway the trip to Saskatoon took a lot longer than we anticipated but we did get here in one piece which is the main thing. You did pretty good. You napped at approximately your usual times, and then woke up ready to sight see. So mommy made faces and sang and made funny noises to entertain you. Today was also poop day (happens once every 3 days for you) so you kept me busy and daddy rolling down the window! Good for him, he's always trying to stink me out!
So far we made it to Saskatoon and are at our friends Tyler and Leah Kluz. I just finally got you to sleep at 8:55pm on the couch. The surroundings are a little different than what you are used to, so I can't blame you for having a hard time falling asleep. Gingi curled up next to you too. So cute my little peanuts. Well lets see where the road takes us tomorrow. We are going to head toward Winnipeg, not sure if we will make it the whole way. Maybe we will camp out somewhere in between which would be nice. Well I am going to check on the boys now. Love you!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

11 Weeks: Mr. Sneezy

Well my little guy, you have a cold! I can't beleive it already...thanks to Uncle Darwin and Daddy. You have boogers galore and are quite grumpy. And guess what? I took you to the Doctor yesterday and you also have thrush on your tongue. What are you trying to do to me? Ahh but you can't help it. I have to give you medicine now for a few days. The assistant at the clinic weighed you and you are now 11 lbs, 12 ozs. What a little piggy you are!

I have made your birth announcement and have started to send them out to people as "thank yous" for all of the wonderful gifts you received. I am really slow at getting them out, and there is still a stack on the counter without addresses. Here is a picture of the announcement.
Sept 21-09: As the week has gone by you have gone through your cold which wasn't too severe thankfully. Daddy and I went to a wedding so you got to sleep overnight with Sito and Grandpa. They were very excited to have you over. You also got to meet my Uncle Richard and your cousin Andrew. Grant, Lucie and the kids came to visit and brought you some very nice gifts. Lucie says she has lots of hand-me-downs for you. Today you also got to meet "Uncle Jared". He was very excited to meet you and says you are very cute. He brought you a Team Canada t-shirt set and some Montreal Canadians bibs! He really wants you to become a die hard hockey fan.

This week I made you a home-made mobile for above your crib. I haven't found a nice one that I really like yet, so I just put one together with some felt and a glue gun. I made you a lady bug, worm, butterfly, bumble bee and dragonfly. It's cute I guess. At least it keeps you occupied!
Wow! The weeks continue to go by quickly. Your next week will be exciting for you...we are planning a little trip. First we plan to hit Saskatoon, then Winnipeg and then Thunder Bay. After that we will see. You will be meeting many new people along the way. I hope all goes well and that you travel well. I am going to bring my computer with me so I can journal as we go!

Monday, September 14, 2009

10 Weeks: Bubbly Bum

You LOVE your bath!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 Weeks: Cooing Cutie

Delicious cheeks!

First quad ride

Posing with mommy

Snooze with daddy

Yay! I am finally up-to-date with my posts! You are now ten weeks old and still so darn cute! In the last few days I have noticed you making more noises on your own. You have developed a little shreak that you do, and you have also starting cooing, and ooing. It is very sweet. Sometimes if we immitate you, you will repeat it. But you are still learning.

You seemed to be doing a little better with your tummy now. You have been having better nights for the past few days. You also slept your longest so far, from 8:30pm to 4:00am. I even got up to check on you because you usually wake up. But there you were peacefully sleeping.

There is something about watching you sleep that is very calming. Even when you have been crying and I am very tired or feeling stressed, looking at you while you sleep always makes me feel better. I hope you are having nice dreams.

Since the sleep deprivation for me has started, I noticed that I have been dreaming like crazy. I must really need to catch up! I don't often dream of you though. I mostly dream strange things or about daddy.

We took you for a little quad ride this week. I put you in your wrap and held you tight behind daddy. It was a little bumpy, but you slept through it. We were only gone about 20 mins.

Daddy and I finally caught some sweet pictures of you smiling! Look at how beautiful you are in the tub smiling away! I love your cheeks, I just want to eat you up!

9 Weeks: Future Hair Model

Ever since the moment you came out into the world, we have heard countless comments about "all that hair!" No one can believe that you are only 2 months old and have all that hair...or the the fact that you have had it since birth.

In had been getting a little shabby around the ears and neck, so we decided that it is time for a haircut...already! This weekend our friends Tyler and Leah came over from Saskatoon to visit. Leah is a hairdresser so I had her trim your luscious locks. You actually behaved very well. I just held your head still and she quickly trimmed it.

I can't believe how cute it looks! Now you really look like a little boy. I really hope you don't lose your hair. Some babies will have lots of hair at birth, but then it falls out.

Anyway I think if all else fails you can definitely have a career modelling for Pantene!

8 Weeks: Outdoorsman in Training

During the last week in August we decided to go camping. We both love camping so much , but over the past 2 summers we haven't had much of an opportunity because we moved and this summer was all about you!

We went to a lake close by so that it would be a little easier since we had never taken you camping before.

Sito, Grandpa and Uncle Darwin came too which was nice. We did some fishing, but mostly I just wanted to relax and enjoy the nice weather. It was actually pretty hot which made you grumpy but you did pretty well overall. It was a nice break to get away from the house.

I hope in the future we will do more camping and outdoor activities. Both daddy and I love the outdoors so we hope you will too. Next year you will be able to come on short quad rides and maybe even in the boat. We can't wait.

This week was quite a challenge in some respects because we have noticed that you have been having such a hard time with your tummy. You scream due to gas and have a very hard time passing it. Also this week you have developed colic like symptoms. At around 8 pm you start screaming your head off and it seems to be due to pain. There is nothing that helps. We have started you on probiotic bacteria to hopefully start getting your digestion going better. I really hope it helps. We both feel so bad for you and don't want you to be in pain. My poor little guy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

7 Weeks: Mommy & Me Pictures

This week Lindsay and Kelsey came over for a visit. We had planned to do some photos of you and me. Of course the weather did not cooperate (it was raining), so we set up a little make shift studio for photos. Some of them turned out really nice I think. Thanks to Lindsay again for her good eye.

We had a lot of fun just experimenting, but it was hard because you would not open your eyes, and you also got fussy due to the flash. I don't really blame you. Of course it never fails...Billie and Gingi wanted to get in on the action! Here as I tried to get ready, they posed themselves for the camera. It's actually pretty cute!

6 Weeks: A Smile Speaks A Thousand Words

At six weeks one of the most exciting things we are noticing is your ability to smile voluntarily now...and it's not related to gas! Daddy can talk to you and you will often smile at him. You will also immitate his smiles at times (which is what he is trying to do in the picture above). You are not smiling so much for me yet, which is a bit disappointing. And I can never seem to catch one of your gummy grins with the camera. When you do smile it is one of the most beautiful things. I can't describe the way it makes us feel. But it is just so rewarding.
This week you also had your 6 week check up with the doctor. He did the standard things he usually does, such as measurements, weight and listens to your chest. You weigh over 9 lbs now! You are really growing. There were no concerns at this check up.
I am trying to dress you now in other clothing besides sleepers. Unfortunately most things still don't fit, and you have so many cute outfits! You kind of fit in the jeans you are wearing in the above picture, but it's a stretch. I really just put them on because they are so cute. I can't wait to see you wearing some of the other clothes.
You seem to have established more of a pattern of night feeding now. You usually want to eat at 1 am, 3 am and 5 am. The times vary a little bit. But you do seem to be ready to get up by 6 or 7 that's early! I am usually taking the night shift. Daddy usually gets up with you in the morning. You two watch the news and relax on the couch for awhile, and I try to sleep a bit.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

5 Weeks: Snuggly-Cuddly-Cody

Of course one of our favorite things to do with you is squeeze, snuggle, cuddle, and hold you cheek to cheek. You smell so good (like a baby) and are always nice a warm. At 5 weeks you are growing a lot and starting to fill out your sleepers a little better. You are still too small to really fit into any of your pants yet. You have so many clothes it's crazy...I don't know how you will wear them all.
You are eating eating really well now, approximately 3 oz per feeding. You sleep a lot and still don't spend too much time awake during the day.
Caring for you is a full time job. Both daddy and I are tired eventhough we try to catch some Z's when we can. If only we could sleep as much as you!
Here you are snuggling with us. Even Sito loves to snuggle with you...look at how she wrapped you like a little papoose! She has fun playing with you. Sito has helped a lot, even with sleeping over and feeding you at night to give us a break. I don't know what I would do without her. Of course to her, it is not a chore. She is so excited over you that Grandpa says she talks to your pictures everyday!
Here is also a picture of you chillin' in your swing on a hot day. No need for clothes! Hey girls check out this bod!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

4 Weeks: Story of the Quilt

During your 4th week in the world I took you to where I work to meet the nice old people and some of the staff I work with. All of the elders enjoyed looking at you and holding you. Many made comments about your hair, and couldn't believe how small you were.

You received a beautiful gift from a very nice lady that I worked with. I took care of Mrs. P's husband in the home, while he was very ill. We worked closely together for several months, but sadly he got very sick and passed away soon after I left work. He was burried on Canada Day, the same day you were born. It really reminded me of the circle of life, and as one life leaves this Earth, another one enters. Mr. P was a very nice man, and it was sad to seem him go. Mrs. P was excited to meet you and came to the home the same day that we visited. She brought with her a very special gift, that I will cherish forever. She made you a brightly colored "I Spy" quilt. She quilted it herself with lots of love! Each quilt square is made of a different print, and is a different size, what a lot of work!

At this time you are only able to lay on it, but soon you will be able to look more at it, and eventually we will be able to play "I Spy" with it. I can' wait.

During this week, daddy went on a motorcycle trip with some of his friends. When he came back, he surprised me with something new on his arm...a new tattoo! It's a dedication to you. He is so proud of you. He also brought home some little Harley Davidson t-shirts for you. Very cute.

Here are some more cute pictures of you...mommy had a little fun trying to pose you!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

3 Weeks: Tired Mommy & Hungry Baby

Well into the third week we were still struggling over the feeding problems you were having. Breastfeeding was such a struggle and was very discouraging at this point. You had not gained much weight from week 2 to week 3, and the health nurse was a little concerned. Your daddy and I decided that it was probably a better idea to just switch you to formula, because I was feeling so discouraged. I felt really bad about not succeeding at breastfeeding, but was relieved just the same to have made a decision and seeing you eat better.

Sometimes I still feed bad about it. But you have chubbed up nicely now, and seem relatively healthy so I guess I shouldn't worry.
During this week we visited Sito and Grandpa at their house, and Uncle Darwin held you. He held you the day after you were born at our house, but we didn't get a picture. He thinks you are very cute, and can't wait to take you quadding, and hunting. He will probably teach you how to irritate me too!

You are still sleeping a lot at this point. You are calm and quiet and actually pretty easy to care for. You like your baths and are so nice to cuddle with.

Another important person you met this week was your Great Grandma Bernadette Cadieux. She is Grandpa Richards mom, and she is 88 years old in this picture. Grandpa brought her to our house to visit. She brought you some very nice clothes, including a cute pair of jeans. She was especially excited about those because when her kids were small she could not afford to buy things like that. She wished she could but they were poor and she raised 11 children! Your Great Grandma is a self taught artist. She paints beautiful scenery pictures. When she was young she sold a few paintings to make extra money. Mommy doesn't have any of her paintings, but hopes to get one from someone as a keepsake. Maybe you will inherit her talent...I hope so!