Tuesday, May 25, 2010

46 Weeks: Last Week of Maternity Leave

Mommy can't believe that her maternity leave is up! This will be the last week, as I start work on June 1. I am a little nervous, but I have found you a good baby sitter and I think it will work out well. Getting out of the house will be good for me and you. You will get to learn how to play with other kids, and Mommy will not be talking baby talk all day!
This past weekend was May long weekend and we had some special visitors, Alesha, and Scott who came all the way from Thunder Bay! Unfortunately the weather was really poor so we didn't get to do much. However, it was still a very nice visit. They brought you an early birthday present which was very nice. You now have 4 new books for your library!

Here are some new pictures! We found you a new baby cowboy hat for only 5 bucks! Also here is a picture of you from the other day when you had a sore tummy and puked all over mommy. Then all you wanted to do was cuddle. Awww.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

45 Weeks: Moving About

You don't stay in one place long! You are constantly moving around and we have to keep a very close eye on you! One thing you really like to play with is doors. You swing them open and shut or you play with the door stoppers which you find quite amuzing.

Mommy and Daddy try to encourage you to say Mom-mom-mom or dad-dad-dad but you laugh and make whatever noise you want to.
This week you helped Mommy cut the grass, check on the horses, and pick rocks in the yard. Daddy took you for a few quad rides and you worked on your tan a bit.
We weighed you at the health unit 2 days ago and you weigh just over 21 lbs. And believe me Mommy can tell! I will have big muscles by the time you learn to walk! And the good thing is that you are almost ready for a front facing car seat which I think you will like much better. Mommy is going to start shopping around for one.
Anyway we are getting company thing weekend, Alesha and Scott who we went to visit in September in Thunder Bay. I am sure they will be happy to see how much you have grown!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

44: Sunny Day

Yesterday, May 11, 2010, you were a very grumpy little boy. Neither dad nor I know what is making you so grumpy. We think it is a combination of two things...1 being your teeth, 2 you want to be picked up and carried.
So in order to keep my sanity, I took you outside yesterday and we did all kinds of things to keep you occupied. We rode the lawn tractor, rode the quad, raked the yard, and took these nice pictures.
Here you are eating grass for the first time. Tasty!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

43 Weeks: Mommy's First Mothers Day

Hi Baby Boy!

You are sure getting big! Just look at you in this picture. This is your ten month pose. Such a difference from that tiny newborn. Also you are very heavy! Mommy's arms get so tired packing you around. Oh well maybe I will have nice pipes yet!

This week has been very busy complete with a trip to the city and a sleep over at Sitos. Mommy had eye surgery to fix up her left eye vision which went really well. I can see much better now. Daddy got us a nice hotel room. He actually got a fancy theme room from the Fantasyland Hotel. OOoooohhh we even had a jacuzzi tub. It was fun and a nice break. You slept over at Sitos and had lots of fun. She took you visiting. You saw Judo, Great-Grandma and a few other people.

Unfortunately you have not been feeling well in the last few days. Lot's of crying and whining (my doesn't love that). I think it is because of those darn teeth. But thankfully it looks like they are almost through.

That's really it for now. Here is another picture of you showing off you muscles before your bath.
Oh one more thing...
The count down has really begun now for Mommy to return to work. It's less than a month away now. Where did the time go?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

42 Weeks: Busy Little Beaver!

Ha! your little teeth are slowly coming in and changing you from a toothless little baby to a toothy little boy. We thought that you were only getting two top teeth but yesterday Mommy noticed that you are actually getting 3 or 4!! No wonder you have been drooling like crazy and a little crabby!

This week has been so busy which is the reason why this entry is so late. Ahhh! tomorrow is already time for a new post! Anyway, the weather has been up and down. The cold days really suck because we can't do much. It's just too wet. The nice days are awesome because we take you outside to suntan a little. Mommy puts you in the wagon with your toys and you supervise all the happenings in the yard, paying close attention to those chickens! You don't like them much. It feels great to get into the sun.

You turned 10 months old on Saturday! You spent the day with Sito, while Mommy got lots of work done around the house. I painted my sewing room downstairs so now it will be a lot more cozy and friendly! Sito took you for a drive, and a quad ride. She loves you so much!

Sleeping for the past 2 nights hasn't been so bad. Mommy has had to resort to just leaving you cry which is very hard to do. But really my little guy you need to sleep, and so does Mommy!!! Let's cross our fingers you catch on fast! Love you! This is our last month before Mommy goes back to work part-time. Where did the time go?