Thursday, September 24, 2009

12 Weeks: Road Trip

Baby Mocs

I love my Chauffer

Manitoba Border

Snoozing in the camper

Sept 27.09- Well we decided to stay an extra day in Saskatoon. We didn't really do much, just relaxed and I even took a nap with you. Yesterday morning we left early and hit the road to Winnipeg. Wow what a long drive! We didn't arrive until about 9:00pm, but we lost an hour due to the time change. Dustin and Dianne were waiting for us. You were wide awake when we arrived so we visited inside for awhile. They bought you a tiny pair of Moccasins! They are so cute! I can't wait until you can run around in them. Right now they are still cute on your feet.
Today we are not sure what the plan is. Dustin wants to take us on a tour of the city since I haven't really seen much of it before. So hopefully we will get some good pictures. Yesterday while I was trying to take a picture of you at the Manitoba sign I fell in a hole and hurt my ankle! Daddy thought it was pretty funny. Oh yeah one more thing...last night while I washed you up I just about got a real giggle out of you. I was tickling your belly and you just about laughed! It was pretty cute. I am going to keep trying.

Sept 24.09- So today we started out on our little road trip leaving home at about 10 am this morning. Everything was going well until we stopped in Lloydminster where we think we may have got some bad fuel from the gas station. From then on we seemed to be having some truck trouble. We had to stop several times, and piss around in North Battleford looking for a new fuel filter. Anyway the trip to Saskatoon took a lot longer than we anticipated but we did get here in one piece which is the main thing. You did pretty good. You napped at approximately your usual times, and then woke up ready to sight see. So mommy made faces and sang and made funny noises to entertain you. Today was also poop day (happens once every 3 days for you) so you kept me busy and daddy rolling down the window! Good for him, he's always trying to stink me out!
So far we made it to Saskatoon and are at our friends Tyler and Leah Kluz. I just finally got you to sleep at 8:55pm on the couch. The surroundings are a little different than what you are used to, so I can't blame you for having a hard time falling asleep. Gingi curled up next to you too. So cute my little peanuts. Well lets see where the road takes us tomorrow. We are going to head toward Winnipeg, not sure if we will make it the whole way. Maybe we will camp out somewhere in between which would be nice. Well I am going to check on the boys now. Love you!

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