Thursday, September 10, 2009

8 Weeks: Outdoorsman in Training

During the last week in August we decided to go camping. We both love camping so much , but over the past 2 summers we haven't had much of an opportunity because we moved and this summer was all about you!

We went to a lake close by so that it would be a little easier since we had never taken you camping before.

Sito, Grandpa and Uncle Darwin came too which was nice. We did some fishing, but mostly I just wanted to relax and enjoy the nice weather. It was actually pretty hot which made you grumpy but you did pretty well overall. It was a nice break to get away from the house.

I hope in the future we will do more camping and outdoor activities. Both daddy and I love the outdoors so we hope you will too. Next year you will be able to come on short quad rides and maybe even in the boat. We can't wait.

This week was quite a challenge in some respects because we have noticed that you have been having such a hard time with your tummy. You scream due to gas and have a very hard time passing it. Also this week you have developed colic like symptoms. At around 8 pm you start screaming your head off and it seems to be due to pain. There is nothing that helps. We have started you on probiotic bacteria to hopefully start getting your digestion going better. I really hope it helps. We both feel so bad for you and don't want you to be in pain. My poor little guy.

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