Tuesday, March 30, 2010

39 Weeks: Mr. Fix It

How NOT to get under a car

See, She's running like a top!

"Mommy can I try a smoke show?"

Here you are "fixing your toys"! It's amazing how you have gained use of your hands and arms now. It doesn't seem so long ago I had to hold your fist closed to get you to hang on to a toy!! Now you are pulling and flipping things all on your own!

Friday, March 26, 2010

38 Weeks: Ma-Ma, and Da-Da

Well here I am late again writing this entry! I used to be so timely! I guess it's because we have been so busy running around doing things.

This week on Wednesday we went to the city, and bought you some new furniture for your room. We had been using an old dresser that was actually falling apart so it was time to get you a new one. We found a whole bedroom suite for a great price so we got that instead. It's great because you will use it now for a very long time.

One of the things that I have really noticed in the last few days is you saying ma-ma-ma a lot more. So far I am not totally sure that you are directing it toward me, but you seem to do it more when you want something or I leave the room. That's another thing! You have been a bit clingy lately, wanting me more than anyone else. You fuss when I put you down and don't want me out of your sight! It's a bit tiring, but sweet at the same time.

Daddy has been working on the clapping with you, and he took these pictures of you showing him your new talent.

Your reaching is getting very good as you are learning to push forward with your arms to reach things. You are moving more which is a little nerve racking. We can no longer leave you on the couch or bed unattended!

Sleep is still a problem. You still are waking up all the time. I am really tired these days because of it. I hope you quit that soon! And learn to sleep longer periods!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

37 Weeks: Clap-Clap-Clap

For the last week Mommy has been trying to get you to clap your hands together. It's taken awhile, but you are starting to do it now! It's so sweet because your soft little hands hardly make a noise and your two hands don't quite meet up!
Grandma Barb came to visit on Tuesday and she got you to do it. She was pleased with that. She said that every time she sees you, you get cuter and cuter! Yeah, she's right!
Nothing really exciting has happend yet this week. Mommy is late in starting this entry, but we haven't done anything that it noteworthy besides the clapping.
OH wait! We have been getting you to balance on your hands and knees now, not just on your belly. You even rock a little in an attempt to crawl. But no crawling yet!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

36 Weeks: The Beautiful Box

Today Mommy's Uncle Randy, who everyone calls Hozie came to visit you. He brought with him a beautiful new toy box just for you (and a bi-zillion kisses). Hozie always give big wet kisses and scratches you with his beard. He always has...to all the kids!

Hozie is a talented carpenter and of course when you and your cousin Zain, who is about 5 mo older than you, came along both Mommy and Jamealie (Zain's Mommy) requested toy boxes from Hozie. Actually Jamealie came up with the idea first, but Mommy copied her.

So Hozie brought it over today, and it is huge! I love it. We even put you inside and took some pictures, which I will post later. The only problem is that the box came empty...we will have to discuss that with Hozie! Anyway there is lots of room to fill, and over the years I know it will be FULL! But the most beautiful thing about it is that it was made just for you. And that you will have it for the rest of your life. It may carry toys, then clothes or shoes, or maybe blankets or fishing gear, hunting gear who knows! It really is special. So is Hozie and so are you. He loves kids and has always been like Mommy's second Dad. You will learn lots from him I am sure. He will teach you to fish and maybe build things. But what Mommy knows is coming...he will teach you to swear, of course because him and Judo both think that is funny! That's okay, Mommy will teach you how to piss on the tires of his fancy red truck!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

35 Weeks: Daddy is Home!

Reading a farm equip catalogue already!

Yay! Daddy came home! The weather has been very warm so he can't really work until everything dries up. Anyway he came home on Thursday and he has been catching up with spending time with you. It's nice for Mommy since he has gotten up with you in the morning I can sleep a little more. Well not really, I can't really sleep anymore even if I wanted to!

You got to sleep over night with Sito and Grandpa on Friday night, since Daddy and I went to Edmonton to pick up our friend Dustin, and do a little shopping around. Sito said you were a very good boy!

Some new things this week are that your little spaz temper tantrums are continuing when you want something. Not the nicest behaviour. You still are not sleeping through the night like I had hoped. We have been doing the sleep training, but you are still getting up. But I do have to admit it's getting better. You are eating food much better now. You will open your mouth and take the food. Before you were clamping your mouth shut and not really eating at all. I think now that I am not feeding you so much at night you are actually more hungry during the day which is nice.

You are rolling a lot more now and actually trying to crawl. Right now you can only go in a circle and backwards but it's coming! You also learned that if I put something on your head, like a toy, you can reach up and take it off! What a concept! You are liking peek-a-boo better and enjoy being tickled! Both Daddy and I love listening to you laugh. Another thing you learned...how to shrug your shoulders! So cute!
Mommy has been busy sewing baby items to sell at Hannana-Bananas, and you have been such a big help. You play nice while Mommy works now...sometimes for more than 5 minutes! We have been going for lots of nice long walks as the weather is nice and Mommy is continuing to train for her fundraiser! You love to ride in the stroller and watch the doggies walk ahead!

Monday, March 1, 2010