Wednesday, September 30, 2009

12 Weeks: Road Trip, post 2

Billie getting comfy

Meal to go

Chillin in the car seat
Sept 29.09- Well today we arrived at our goal destination, Thunder Bay! We headed to my friend Alesha's place which is actually in the country outside of town. She and Scott have a nice little place here. The scenery is beautiful, very similar to home in terms of the fall colors so far. We headed in to town once we set up the camper and showered. There we went to the store to get a few things, and bought you some cute dangly toys for the car seat to keep you occupied.
Alesha met us in town and showed us the "sleeping giant" in Lake Superior, and the marina.
Tonight we visited and we opened a very nice gift from Alesha and Scott. They bought you a cute pair of overalls with a flannel shirt, perfect for a little farmer. They also bought you a beautiful tractor piggy bank engraved with your name. So thoughtful.
You are kind of grumpy tonight. I am not sure what is bothering you. Anyway you are sleeping now. Tomorrow we will likely tour the city a little. Maybe go for some walks.

Sept 28.09- Today we are on the road again heading toward Thunder Bay ON. Yesterday while in Winnipeg, Dustin took us to the downtown area to sight see and to do a little shopping. He took us to the market at The Forks (where two rivers meet). There were lots of nice gift shops there, but I didn't really buy anything. You slept the whole time in your snuggly. You were nice and cozy, and a few people commented on how cute you looked in there! The weather wasn't all that great, cold and rainy, but we really enjoyed the market. Also, he took us on a drive down the river to look at all the beautiful homes. Very nice.

As I said today we were on the road today. We made it almost all the way to Thunder Bay, but actually decided to pull over and camp for the night. It was cold and rainy and getting late for you. So we camped on a random road off the highway. It was actually pretty nice.


  1. So happy to hear your trip is going well! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.. :) I'm sure the scenery is so beautiful!! Hope all continues to go well!

  2. I would be grumpy too if I had to hang out with me too! It was so great having the whole Lambert clan in Thunder Bay. Nice to meet you Cody and you are welcome back any time. FYI, Scott wants a big diesal Dodge now and that is all I hear about!! Thanks Les!I think I still have whip-lash because your daddy is a speed frieak!!!!!Hopefully we will be able to come to your neck of the woods some day soon. Miss you all, Love Alesha