Saturday, December 26, 2009

25 Weeks: Jingle Bells!

Whoa!! What a busy couple of days it has been! Christmas is always a busy time of the year, but it was a little more crazy this year since we had you to think about too! I was so happy today to stay home! It was nice to sleep in a little too.

Christmas Eve we all went to Grandma Barbs for Christmas lunch and to open presents from Grandma to you etc. You really had no clue what was going on but it was cute none the less. You received toys, clothes, a ride on toy, money and lots of hugs and kisses. You actually faired pretty well despite the noise and commotion.

Christmas Day we opened presents here with you at home. It was nice and quiet and fun to watch you attack the wrapping paper...not really to open the gift, but just to play with the paper. You received a Leap Frog interactive system, a bath book, and a Wii. Okay maybe the Wii is for mommy, but daddy said it was for you because he went over budget!
Anyway it was fun to watch your expressions.
Later on, we went to Grandpa Toms to visit. You got more presents there! You got a ride on truck that sings and plays music! After that we went to Judo Ottos for his 81st birthday supper. There you met with your cousin Zain who is 5 months older than you. You also got lots and lots of hugs and kisses from my side of the family. Judo was very happy to see you. But it was very busy there and you got overwhelmed. You were actually quite grouchy but I don't really blame you. Jamealie brought you cute little t-shirt that says "Rub my belly for good luck" and a little preppy sweater. Both are very sweet. Zain and you shared a few hugs. I will have to get those pictures from Fatima. It was funny to watch. For Judo's birthday we made him a calendar of you! He thought it was sweet.
Mommy did way too much eating, and now feels a little yuck. I am happy it is all done and I can get back on track with my exercising and routine.
Mommy joined a great fundraising event that takes place in the summer. She is going to raise $2000.00 and walk 60 kms towards Women's Cancers so she has got to get started now! Umtoo Tammy and cousins Majeda and Shaymaa are going to join me. I am really excited. Hopefully Daddy will be able to bring you to cheer me on near the end.

All in all you have handled all the commotion over the last few days very well. But I can tell you are still tired and need to get back on track too. You are so sweet my little guy.

Today Jared, Dana, Tyler and Leah are visiting and they brought you even more things! You are so spoiled. Jared and Dana bought you the sweetest little baby Team Canada hockey jersey with your name on the back. You also got Montreal Canadians stuff and another big toy. Tyler and Leah brought you a sweet camo fleece snow suit, and bright green camo skater shoes. You are one spoiled baby! I have lots of pictures to post. I have to work on them a bit then I will put them up. You are quietly sleeping right now and even though it is only 8:18 pm I am exhausted too and ready for bed!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

24 Weeks: Mommy and Me

Hello again my little guy. I just finished putting you to bed. Today is Dec 16, 2009 and it's almost Christmas. We don't do much around here, but we will be going to Grandma Barbs for supper and to see all of your cousins. I can't believe it's already the middle of December. Each week just buzzes on by.

It's a little sad for me this week, because it marks approximately the half way point until I have to return to work! Already! I was hoping the year would pass by slower than that. Before I know it the time will come. But let's not focus on that now.

Daddy is going to be away for the next few days. You and I haven't been alone together for a long stretch since you were just very young. It sure tires mommy out! Daddy is really good to get up early in the mornings with you. Mommy would rather try to sleep in a little bit. Usually because I am the one who gets up so often in the night. Daddy likes to play with you in the morning because you are usually very talkative and smilely. You are so darn cute!

Dec 21-09 Daddy is still in the city and will be until Wednesday. So you can I have been spending lots of time together. So far this week we have gone to visit Jolene and Drew. We also had supper at Auntie Najala's with her and Andrew.
You have been sleeping pretty good that last few nights. You aren't getting up as much. Maybe we are on to something here. Also I have noticed that you are really getting a routine down with your nap times and feeding times. It's nice because I am better able to know what you need when.
Yesterday we went to Edmonton to do some shopping. Our neighbours Val, Ashley and Chelsea came with us to do some shopping too. Daddy met up with us when we got to the city and he took you for the day. It was nice because I didn't have to lug you around in that heavy seat!! Daddy said you were a good boy all day.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

23 Weeks: Cold Snap Cuddles

Woooo! It's been so cold for the last few days. What a change. It's definitely hard to take you places when it's this cold. Unless it's important, it's not worth the effort or risk I guess.

You are keeping Mommy busy, and I am keeping busy making things too. Mommy has started her crocheting again and selling items. My new blog is So now I have to keep up two blogs!! Crazy!

So far this week we haven't really done much. Mommy put you in your camo outfit and made you and Daddy pose together. I don't think Daddy could have been more proud. You look so cute in that outfit!

This week you have been introduced to carrots. Very exciting stuff. So now for breakfast you eat oatmeal, and supper you are having a veggie and some rice. So far you are doing very well.
Last night I tried feeding you more throughout the night. I put more milk in the bottles to see if it would help you sleep better or longer. Didn't seem to make a difference, but maybe over time. I hope so. I would really like to sleep through the night!
So far no luck with the change in sleeping. One night I thought we were on to something because you actually slept from midnight to 5 am. But that changed the next night. Anyway we are going to keep plugging away at it. We'll see I guess. You little stinker!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

22 Weeks: Grrrrr, I can growl now!

Each week Mommy gets an email from which outlines what I should expect from you for that week. The update I just got is pretty close to what you are doing now. I have to say that in the last 5 months I noticed the biggest change in you in the last 4 weeks (between 4-5 mo). I think its because your motor skills have advanced so much. You use your hands a little more precisely, you try to sit up more when leaned back, you stand for brief moments on our legs. It's amazing that a few weeks ago you couldn't do that.

Today Daddy spent the day with you while Mommy went shopping. He noted that your latest amusement is to make spit bubbles yourself. You are very excited about that right now!

Dec 4.09- Yesterday you surprized me by mimicking what I was doing. I was buzzing my lips at you and you actually did it back! It was very cute. Of course your version involved spit bubbles too! We got a very nice surprise yesterday from grandpa Richard. He stopped by to bring us some books that Sito bought for you! But that's not all...THEY BOUGHT US A NEW CAMCORDER!!! I can't believe it. I had mentioned to Grandpa that Daddy and I were thinking of getting one, so I guess he decided to get it instead. I am so excited about it, because now we not only will have pictures of you, but video as well. It is such a generous and thoughtful gift. Both Daddy and I are very appreciative. I can't wait to use it! Another thing that you have started is hollering or actually it's growling when you are getting frustrated and want us to come and get you. Now you really sound like a baby bear!
Today, Dec 7, I put together your high chair that was bought for you when you were first born. I wanted to see if you could fit into it and use it instead of hauling your rocking chair around to the table. Here are come cute pictures of you in it. You are such a little King.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

21 Weeks: Spit Happens

Happy Birthday Sito!
Yeah, I know I look good!

Hey Good Looking!

Look what I can do!

My dear little man...or should I say fountain. You never stop drooling! I no sooner get you dressed and your shirt is soaked. What am I going to do?
As I said before you constantly have your hands in your mouth, so they are usually soaked. So is your face. Your cheeks are always wet!
It's funny though. Usually Daddy and I just have to laugh at you.
Now you are getting better at sitting up. We put you on our laps and then pull you up to sitting with your arms. You are engaging your abs now and you like to sit up. When we do this you think its funny and you usually smile a big open mouth smile.
You also now put weight through your legs and can sort of stand when we hold you. It's pretty amazing! I think it has something to do with that jumperoo. When you are excited or in the mood to do it, you fling yourself around in it bouncing wildly. It's so funny.
You love to be tickled and we love to tickle you! We get the best laughs and squeals out of you. There is nothing better than that. A person can't help but laugh when I baby does. It's a great stress reliever too!
Anyway, later this week we will go to Sito's for her birthday. She will be 51! Mommy will have to bake her a cake...I don't know what kind yet!

November 28. 2009- Well besides drool we have boogers! You have another cold. And yes daddy passed it on to you! Poor little guy. Your nose is running like crazy and your are sneezing. Oh and you hate to have your nose wiped! It's Sito's birthday today. She will be here later to have supper with us. Mommy is making lasagna and a poppy seed cake. Grandma Barb and Norm are coming too. Lucky boy!
Dec 1. 2009- HAPPY 5 MONTH Birthday! Yipppee!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This is a picture of Daddy and his prize.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

20 Weeks: Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Daddy get up already!
Caught eating your blanket

My New quilt!

Checking out your new quilt
So many duckies!!

Good Morning my little man! You are actually having a nap right now so I thought I would take the opportunity to jot down a post for this week so far. Well today is the first day of your 20th week! You have changed so much.

There are a few new things that we have noticed. First, since we had the time change on the 1st of the month you have stayed on your own sleep time. Which means that you are attempting to get up even earlier, and wanting to nap by 8am!! You are all over the map in terms of sleep and I am not sure what to do. Especially since you are still waking up at least 3 times per night!

Another thing that you do now which actually is quite annoying is that you always pull my hair! Every time I pick you up, you instantly grab a handful of hair (and sometimes put it in your mouth). It hurts!

But to make up for that your cuteness stays true since you now copy what we do. For instance when you are babbling and we imitate you, you do it back. You also smile or laugh when we laugh. If you show you how to touch something, you then try again yourself. It's pretty neat to see.
The bathtime routine is your favourite part of the day. You love to splash around and be splashed back. You also love your duckies!

The things we do to get you to sleep are feed you, rock you a little, and then put you in the crib. Then mommy rubs your back or pats your bum and you usually fall asleep. If you wake up right away I usually try to just pat your bum or rub your back to help you fall back asleep.

This week Daddy's uncle Robert came to visit and his wife, Auntie Cindy made you another beautiful quilt. It is adorable with reds, yellow, blue green and clown print. It is made so perfectly. I am so amazed! Also, on November 24th Daddy finally shot a buck deer. He is so proud of it. Mommy is just glad that hunting season is almost over.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quietly while you were asleep
The moon and I were talking
I asked that she'd always keep you protected

She promised you her light
That you so gracefully carried
You bring your light and shine like morning

And then the wind pulls the clouds across the moon
Your light fills the darkest room
And I can see the miracle
That keeps us from falling

She promised all the sweetest gifts
That only the Heaven's could bestow
You bring your light and shine like morning

And as you so gracefully give
Her light as long as you live
I'll always remember this moment

-Song by Sade.

19 Weeks: Lots of Learning!

Door sign that mommy made.

Babys shoes.

Just Chillin


Well this week started out a little rocky for you. You just got your 4 month immunizations so yesterday and today you have been a little off. But that is to be expected. Despite that you still have lots to do in a day!

Your Bumbo chair has given you a new perspective, since now you don't have to be lying underneath your gym, but sitting up next to it. It also gives you good practice holding up your head although you are still wobbly.

Yesterday Sito brought you a very nice gift that I think you are going to love! She bought you a Jumperoo! So far you are a little small for it, but I put you in it anyway. You look so funny because your legs are so short. This doesn't matter to you because you are still mezmerized by the music, lights and toys attached to it. Your face is priceless. You can do a little bouncing, but I think it will be awhile until you master that yet.

Nov 14.09- Today I went around your room and took a few pictures of your things. Before long you will go from a baby room to a little boys room to a teenage room. I just thought before the opportunity passes I should try and capture your space the way it is now.

I have been looking for ways to print off this blog when it's done by the time you are 1 year old. There are lots of differnt ways, but none that are quick. Most are time consuming. So I thought instead of making both a baby picture album and a blog book, I would just combine the two. So now as I journal weekly I will be building my book in prepartion for the printed version. It is quite the undertaking. Not because it's hard, but because it takes time and I can't leave you for more than a few minutes before you need a change in scenery. Ahh well I will do what I can. I just hope I don't get in over my head and will still be making it when my grandkids are born!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

October 2009 Family Pictures

Here are some of the beautiful family pictures that Lindsay took for us in October. They are our first family pictures together and also signify 5 years that Mommy and Daddy have been married.

Monday, November 9, 2009

18 Weeks: Such A Happy Baby Post #2

I decided to start another post for this week because the other one was getting long and I wanted to add another picture with some thoughts. First, in this picture you are sitting in your new Bumbo chair. It's the latest thing in helping babies like you sit upright. You are actually liking it and I have already noticed that you are able to hold your head a little straighter. It really gives you a new perspective on things.
Anyway, today just seemed sort of like a long day. I found myself thinking a lot about my emotions and how I feel about you. I couldn't help but get a little choked up. There is something about you that is so very special that I cannot really describe. I think it's the feeling of being a mommy of something or someone.
I love you so much, that it feels like I am going to burst. To see that beautiful gummy smile just makes me happy even when I am feeling frustrated or tired. Sometimes at night when I am putting you to bed you start to fuss and it is hard to settle you down. I get a little impatient because I am tired too. But then eventually you settle off to sleep and sometimes grin while you sleep. That makes any frustration melt away. Hearing you breath is so peaceful because it is so soft I can hardly hear it.
I feel so tired today, that I just want to crawl into bed, but I have to say that it is all worth it. Because tomorrow I will wake up and there you will be smiling and waiting for either daddy or I to lift you out of the crib. And tomorrow I will get to hear that lovely little giggle again. That is the best sound in the world.
Often I get these emails that say list your favourite color, smell etc etc. Here's my list today:
1: Favourite Smell: The smell of your head or your hair.
2. Favourite Sight: Your gummy smile and chubby cheeks.
3: Favourite Song: Your giggle and babbling
4: Favourite Touch: Is your soft skin
5: Favourite thing to do: Cuddle you or give you a bath.
Today you fell asleep in my arms while we watched t.v. I then put you down on the spare bed while I worked on the computer. Of course you woke up! You looked at me and smiled. When I leaned down to kiss you, you grabbed my hair and put your face in it. It was so sweet. It was a very special moment between mommy and you.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

18 Weeks: Such A Happy Baby

Messy Face!
Look at me fly!

Look how much I have changed

First Blog Header Photograph

Mr. Little Red Riding Hood

In this picture you are wearing a new little hoodie from Auntie Kelsey and Uncle Ian! You are starting to get quite a collection of "Canada" themed items now! It's a good thing you look good in red...and it's my favorite color.

I am doing a little updating of the blog today, I changed the header to a more recent photo. It was taken the day Auntie Lindsay did our family pictures. I will be posting those soon. Anyway I really like this one. I love the color of that touque on you! Of course your Mommy made that for you.

Today (Nov 4) I decided to try feeding you a little baby cereal. I made just a teaspoon and you did pretty well. I fed you some more before bed. I wonder if you will be less hungry in the night...I guess we'll have to wait and see. You are still getting up between 3 and 4 times per night. You seem to be hungry so maybe this will make a difference and allow all of us to get more uninterrupted sleep. You are holding your head up better. I have been working on getting you to look in both directions and stretching the right side of your neck. You seem to have a bit of a crooked neck right now, but I think it is pretty minor yet. We just need to strengthen your neck muscles more.

Daddy is now home from his hunting trip. He has a bad cold though! I hope you don't get it too!

Here is a picture of your messy face as you are learning to eat your cereal. You also love to be held up above us and wiggled. You smile...and drool all over us!