Saturday, October 24, 2009

16 Weeks: Mr. Sweet Talker

Read the shirt
Busy Boy

Tasty Fingers!
Splish-Splash baby!

You are not a quiet baby anymore! But it's a good thing. You are "talking" to us now like crazy. You are squealing, cooing, babbling, and making all kinds of sounds I can't describe. It is so sweet to hear and funny too. Sometimes I am in another room and I can hear to babbling away at your toys or to your mobile.

This week so far we went to visit Grandpa Richard on his birthday (Oct 21), he turned 56. I made him a homemade card with a picture of you on it (the one of you in the leaves). He started to cry! You really touch his heart. He says he feels so lucky to have such a cute grandson. Mommy is so happy to have you too. You have changed our lives so much and I love you more each day...actually I don't know how I could love you any more!

Also this week, you had the company of some very cute little friends, Nathan and Mason. These little guys were both born in March to two ladies that Mommy works with. All three of us had boys! They seem so big compared to you, and have each changed so much from the time they were born. Neither of them have much hair so their mommies were pretty impressed with yours. We had a nice visit all together. Mommy is so happy that they came. We will go visit them soon too.

Oh yes! You have rolled over again! The other day you rolled in your crib while I was cleaning, so then I made you do it a few more times. It's hit and miss. Somedays you do it and others not.
I forgot to mention, that since our trip my hair has started to fall out. Apparently it's normal after having a baby but I am not enjoying it at all. I have never lost so much hair!! Very gross.
Oct 27- Well my little buddy it's the end of another week together. Later this week you got to visit with Grandma Barb again. She and Norm came to visit you and had supper with us. She gave you lots of kisses, and couldn't belive how much you have changed.

Your latest discovery besides all of the talking is your hands. You have figured out how to stuff them into your mouth and drool everywhere! Yesterday I cleaned a little exerciser I got for you (used so it needed the bleach treatment)and put you in it. You are still a little floppy, but you seemed to enjoy it. At least it kept you occupied for more than 10 mins.
We continue to go out for walks when the weather isn't too bad. You to smile at me while we walk and then fall asleep.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

15 Weeks: Week of Photos

Picture on bale.
Our first two eggs!
Bundled up in the fall leaves

Well my little guy, this week has come and gone quickly. There were no major happenings, except that with the nicer weather I took the opportunity to take lots of photos. (All of the ones above that you see, and the 6 below). I know I am a little photo-crazy but hey why not? It keeps me entertained.
Earlier this week we all met with Lindsay to take some family photos. I should be able to pick them up tomorrow. I can't wait to see them and post some. They were really important to me as they are our first portraits as a new family and also signify daddy and I being married for 5 years.
Also, I took photos of you watching t.v. and laying on some blankets one evening when it was bath time. You were in a really good mood so it worked out well. I love the one of your little naked bum! You were really flexing! Actually, you are really working at propping yourself up now. You haven't rolled over since that one day, but I am sure you will again soon. You are grasping objects more and batting at the toys on your gym. You are pretty mezmerized by them. You hold your head up better, although you are still floppy.
Today we went out for a walk, and I took some pictures of you on the bales in a neighbours field. It was a bit cold so I couldn't spend too much time, but that's okay.
Big event this week was our first farm eggs from our hens! Yipee very exciting. Well not really but whatever. We have 12 hens so hopefully I will be able to get lots of eggs and starting selling some. I thought maybe I might put the little bit of cash aside for you just to see what I can get. Every little bit helps!
Other than that, you have been a bit grumpy in the evenings. Your tummy is hurting I think and you have being crying a lot. I don't know what to do to help you so we just kinda sit through it, massaging your tummy, exercising your legs, and trying to comfort you. I feel really bad that you are in pain.
Well tomorrow starts a new week for you, it's grandpa's birthday so we are going there for supper. Love you!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

15 Weeks:

Sweet cheeks

Such a nice smile

Your innocent look

Luscious lips

Oh I just want to squeeze you!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beautiful Eyes.

14 Weeks: continued...

Cute little turkey!

Thanksgiving Supper!

14 Weeks: Happy Thanksgiving!

My First Thanksgiving.

Watching t.v.

Two of a kind

Max' new house

Baby Nikes

Well this week was one of many firsts for you! It's been very eventful. On October 9th mommy and daddy celebrated their 5th anniversary! We really didn't do anything special, since we just got back from our trip, but I hope to get some pictures taken of all of us soon. We really haven't had any nice pictures taken since our wedding, oh and a few maternity ones.

Anyway, after we got back from our trip Sito and Grandpa came to visit, and Sito made you laugh! It was so cute. You still won't laugh for me though, I guess you don't think I am very funny!

On Oct 12, while you and I were enjoying a morning coffee you rolled over for the first time! I got so excited that I spilled my coffee everywhere! I got you to do it a few times, but then you got tired of it. And I haven't been able to get you to do it since.

This year was your first Thanksgiving Holiday. This is mommys favorite holidiay since I love the fall. It's cold this year, so there was snow! We had you dressed in a special Thanksgiving outfit that we bought for you, and we put your cowboy hat on so Judo could see it. He thinks the world of you and thought the hat was pretty funny. We had a very nice supper that Sito made, she always makes a good meal!

Val, Bruce and Ashley visited over the weekend and brought you more gifts! They are in big trouble! They bought you a barnyard animal set and a tiny pair of Nike runners! They are so small that I don't know if you will fit them when you actually learn to walk. They might just be for show. They are very cute anyway.

Well with the weather suddenly getting so cold we are starting to prepare for winter. We built a place to haul in the wood downstairs for the wood stove. We also built Max a straw dog house, he doesn't like the cold very much. Having you this summer made the time go by even faster than in normally does. We were lucky to have such a nice warm September though.

Anyway this was an exciting week for me. You change so much each day, it's hard to keep up. You make many babbling sounds now, and in the last day or so, really have learned to use your hands much more. You are able to sit propped up and bat at the toys on your gym. Such a big boy!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

14 Weeks Road Trip, Post 7

Just chillin'

Oct 7.09- Yay! We arrived home today! What a long drive today was because it was so windy and cold. We just wanted to get here. When we did Max was ready to greet us and so happy we were home.

Well all in all it was a wonderful trip. I am very thankful that everything went well and that daddy took us. It was so nice to see all of our friends and to show you off a little.

You seem to be growing! Some of the clothes I had packed are now going to go into the "too small" box. You are smiling so much now. And last night my friend Ashley was able to get a small giggle out of you. So I am still trying but you won't laugh for me! You are a little monkey. You have discovered your hands more now. They are always in your mouth. Also, you like to snuggle with a blanket against your face. You put that in your mouth too.

Sito, Grandpa and Uncle Darwin are dying to see you. I think they will be here tomorrow.

It's nice to be home. We have lots to do before the snow flies! You are back in your crib tonight. It's going to be weird not sleeping with my little guy tonight. It's so nice watching you sleep.

13 Weeks: Road Trip, Post 6

Not a hair out of place!

Oct 6.09- Today is Daddy's 34th birthday! So we all sang happy birthday to him. Well actually you just smiled, but Billie and Gingi sang on your behalf. Today was such a crazy day. We met Owen for coffee, then I took you to Riverview Care Centre where I used to work. Everyone was very excited to meet you, and it was so nice to see all the people I used to work with. You were a hit. Everyone thought that you definitely look like daddy, but that you have my eyes.
Later, we met up with Owen and his family for supper which was really nice but slow which is the usual for Medicine Hat. You got to meet Owen's mom, Terry who had made me a beautiful nursing pillow. It's in your room.
After that we went to mommy's friend Stephanie's to visit where you met more people. You got more gifts! Such a lucky baby. So many more clothes, honestly you have such a wardrobe! I don't think I ever had that many clothes. They are all so nice. I can't wait to dress you in them.
So today was an exciting but tiring day. Tomorrow we are home bound. We are ready to be off the road. I am tired of riding in the truck, and daddy is tired of setting up the camper. Good night my little buddy.

13 Weeks: Road Trip, Post 5

Pose for a pic!

I love those cheeks!

Oct 5.09- We tried to get an early start this morning but it just seemed like we couldn’t get going! We couldn’t find anyone to pay for the camping…we got such a run around, and then we got tied up in this town when we stopped at Wal-mart. Anyway we drove all day today. It didn’t take us as long as we thought to get to the border so we kept going on toward Medicine Hat. We arrived here around 7:30 and went over to Owens to have pizza. Tomorrow I am going to take to you where I used to work and you will get to meet all of mommy’s friends from Medicine Hat.

Oct 4.09- We got on the road early this morning ready for a long day of driving. We went through Fargo, North Dakota and then to Grand Forks, where again we had to tour Cabela’s the hunting place that daddy is so interested in. I had to look around to, and found you a cute camouflage pj. It is pretty cute. Pretty much the whole trip we have been buying things for you. But I guess that is what having a baby is all about! Besides everything is so cute you can’t pass it up. We drove for a long time again today. I am getting pretty tired. We ended up in a small town called Tioga and found a place to camp. Oh, we stopped in Rugby, North Dakota at the “Geographical Center of North America”. Not much of a monument, but at least we could say we were there! Tomorrow Montana, and possibly Alberta.

13 Weeks: Road Trip, Post 4

Beautiful Scenery

(Tiny) Rhinestone Cowboy

Oct 3.09- We tried to sleep a little more this morning. Yesterdays rain made us very tired! Today the plan is to tour the city a bit, check out the shopping. But it’s raining again which sucks
So we quickly toured the mall again today, but we made it quick because we wanted to check out a couple of other places and we decided that we weren’t going to stay another night. It’s been raining anyway, so we can’t really sight see.
We went to the babies R’ Us store and found some cute things for you. We even found you a baby cowboy hat! It is so funny. I had to buy it. We also bought you a special outfit for Thanksgiving. The clothes are so much cheaper in the US.
Tonight we arrived late at a campsite, called Elbow Lake and stayed the night.

Oct 2.09- So last night was our last night in Thunder Bay. We all went out for supper but unfortunately you fussed and cried the whole time which wasn’t a lot of fun for us. You would not sleep all day, so by supper time you were overtired. Anyway today we headed south to the US.
We travelled for several hours all along the edge of Lake Superior which was pretty awesome to see. It was pouring rain though so we couldn’t get out and take pictures. But the waves along the shore were huge, crashing against the rocks.
We arrived in Minneapolis around rush hour! We crawled along to find the Mall of America, and then a campsite. Once we were set up we went to the mall to tour for awhile. It’s very big, but actually not bigger than West Edmonton Mall. They have a whole store dedicated to Barbie (which would be exciting if you were a girl), and also a place full of Lego!
We didn’t see it all before it closed, so tomorrow we will tour some more. Of course Daddy wants to go to some hunting store that we don’t have in Alberta!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

13 Weeks: Road Trip, Post 3

High Falls, Ontario

Attempt at a family pic!

Our Inukshuk for safe travels

Daddy's Pride and Joy

Snuggly Baby

Oct 1.09- Happy 3 month birthday! I can't believe three months has actually gone by. It seems like just yesterday I was bringing you home. You have changed so much already. You are smiling lots today and almost laughing. I keep trying, but no luck. We bought you a Harley Davidson t-shirt from Thunder Bay as a souvenir. Very cute!

Sept 30.09
Well today we had a little sight seeing in the nice weather and sunshine. We drove down, then hiked to a place called Pigeon River to see the High falls. This is a pretty waterfall just very close to the US/ Canada border. In fact the information centre is right next to the border crossing. Anyway the falls were very pretty and we took a few pictures. There is a lot of history surrounding the falls, and Lake Superior. Of course we put you in your snuggly and you slept for the majority of the trip.
Later, we drove to the city to get a few things for supper and had a nice steak supper with Alesha and Scott. We have decided we will likely stay one more day before beginning to head home. We are going to try to cross the border with you and travel back to Alberta through the US. You had a better night tonight, you enjoyed your bath and slept well.