Saturday, December 26, 2009

25 Weeks: Jingle Bells!

Whoa!! What a busy couple of days it has been! Christmas is always a busy time of the year, but it was a little more crazy this year since we had you to think about too! I was so happy today to stay home! It was nice to sleep in a little too.

Christmas Eve we all went to Grandma Barbs for Christmas lunch and to open presents from Grandma to you etc. You really had no clue what was going on but it was cute none the less. You received toys, clothes, a ride on toy, money and lots of hugs and kisses. You actually faired pretty well despite the noise and commotion.

Christmas Day we opened presents here with you at home. It was nice and quiet and fun to watch you attack the wrapping paper...not really to open the gift, but just to play with the paper. You received a Leap Frog interactive system, a bath book, and a Wii. Okay maybe the Wii is for mommy, but daddy said it was for you because he went over budget!
Anyway it was fun to watch your expressions.
Later on, we went to Grandpa Toms to visit. You got more presents there! You got a ride on truck that sings and plays music! After that we went to Judo Ottos for his 81st birthday supper. There you met with your cousin Zain who is 5 months older than you. You also got lots and lots of hugs and kisses from my side of the family. Judo was very happy to see you. But it was very busy there and you got overwhelmed. You were actually quite grouchy but I don't really blame you. Jamealie brought you cute little t-shirt that says "Rub my belly for good luck" and a little preppy sweater. Both are very sweet. Zain and you shared a few hugs. I will have to get those pictures from Fatima. It was funny to watch. For Judo's birthday we made him a calendar of you! He thought it was sweet.
Mommy did way too much eating, and now feels a little yuck. I am happy it is all done and I can get back on track with my exercising and routine.
Mommy joined a great fundraising event that takes place in the summer. She is going to raise $2000.00 and walk 60 kms towards Women's Cancers so she has got to get started now! Umtoo Tammy and cousins Majeda and Shaymaa are going to join me. I am really excited. Hopefully Daddy will be able to bring you to cheer me on near the end.

All in all you have handled all the commotion over the last few days very well. But I can tell you are still tired and need to get back on track too. You are so sweet my little guy.

Today Jared, Dana, Tyler and Leah are visiting and they brought you even more things! You are so spoiled. Jared and Dana bought you the sweetest little baby Team Canada hockey jersey with your name on the back. You also got Montreal Canadians stuff and another big toy. Tyler and Leah brought you a sweet camo fleece snow suit, and bright green camo skater shoes. You are one spoiled baby! I have lots of pictures to post. I have to work on them a bit then I will put them up. You are quietly sleeping right now and even though it is only 8:18 pm I am exhausted too and ready for bed!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

24 Weeks: Mommy and Me

Hello again my little guy. I just finished putting you to bed. Today is Dec 16, 2009 and it's almost Christmas. We don't do much around here, but we will be going to Grandma Barbs for supper and to see all of your cousins. I can't believe it's already the middle of December. Each week just buzzes on by.

It's a little sad for me this week, because it marks approximately the half way point until I have to return to work! Already! I was hoping the year would pass by slower than that. Before I know it the time will come. But let's not focus on that now.

Daddy is going to be away for the next few days. You and I haven't been alone together for a long stretch since you were just very young. It sure tires mommy out! Daddy is really good to get up early in the mornings with you. Mommy would rather try to sleep in a little bit. Usually because I am the one who gets up so often in the night. Daddy likes to play with you in the morning because you are usually very talkative and smilely. You are so darn cute!

Dec 21-09 Daddy is still in the city and will be until Wednesday. So you can I have been spending lots of time together. So far this week we have gone to visit Jolene and Drew. We also had supper at Auntie Najala's with her and Andrew.
You have been sleeping pretty good that last few nights. You aren't getting up as much. Maybe we are on to something here. Also I have noticed that you are really getting a routine down with your nap times and feeding times. It's nice because I am better able to know what you need when.
Yesterday we went to Edmonton to do some shopping. Our neighbours Val, Ashley and Chelsea came with us to do some shopping too. Daddy met up with us when we got to the city and he took you for the day. It was nice because I didn't have to lug you around in that heavy seat!! Daddy said you were a good boy all day.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

23 Weeks: Cold Snap Cuddles

Woooo! It's been so cold for the last few days. What a change. It's definitely hard to take you places when it's this cold. Unless it's important, it's not worth the effort or risk I guess.

You are keeping Mommy busy, and I am keeping busy making things too. Mommy has started her crocheting again and selling items. My new blog is So now I have to keep up two blogs!! Crazy!

So far this week we haven't really done much. Mommy put you in your camo outfit and made you and Daddy pose together. I don't think Daddy could have been more proud. You look so cute in that outfit!

This week you have been introduced to carrots. Very exciting stuff. So now for breakfast you eat oatmeal, and supper you are having a veggie and some rice. So far you are doing very well.
Last night I tried feeding you more throughout the night. I put more milk in the bottles to see if it would help you sleep better or longer. Didn't seem to make a difference, but maybe over time. I hope so. I would really like to sleep through the night!
So far no luck with the change in sleeping. One night I thought we were on to something because you actually slept from midnight to 5 am. But that changed the next night. Anyway we are going to keep plugging away at it. We'll see I guess. You little stinker!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

22 Weeks: Grrrrr, I can growl now!

Each week Mommy gets an email from which outlines what I should expect from you for that week. The update I just got is pretty close to what you are doing now. I have to say that in the last 5 months I noticed the biggest change in you in the last 4 weeks (between 4-5 mo). I think its because your motor skills have advanced so much. You use your hands a little more precisely, you try to sit up more when leaned back, you stand for brief moments on our legs. It's amazing that a few weeks ago you couldn't do that.

Today Daddy spent the day with you while Mommy went shopping. He noted that your latest amusement is to make spit bubbles yourself. You are very excited about that right now!

Dec 4.09- Yesterday you surprized me by mimicking what I was doing. I was buzzing my lips at you and you actually did it back! It was very cute. Of course your version involved spit bubbles too! We got a very nice surprise yesterday from grandpa Richard. He stopped by to bring us some books that Sito bought for you! But that's not all...THEY BOUGHT US A NEW CAMCORDER!!! I can't believe it. I had mentioned to Grandpa that Daddy and I were thinking of getting one, so I guess he decided to get it instead. I am so excited about it, because now we not only will have pictures of you, but video as well. It is such a generous and thoughtful gift. Both Daddy and I are very appreciative. I can't wait to use it! Another thing that you have started is hollering or actually it's growling when you are getting frustrated and want us to come and get you. Now you really sound like a baby bear!
Today, Dec 7, I put together your high chair that was bought for you when you were first born. I wanted to see if you could fit into it and use it instead of hauling your rocking chair around to the table. Here are come cute pictures of you in it. You are such a little King.