Sunday, September 6, 2009

4 Weeks: Story of the Quilt

During your 4th week in the world I took you to where I work to meet the nice old people and some of the staff I work with. All of the elders enjoyed looking at you and holding you. Many made comments about your hair, and couldn't believe how small you were.

You received a beautiful gift from a very nice lady that I worked with. I took care of Mrs. P's husband in the home, while he was very ill. We worked closely together for several months, but sadly he got very sick and passed away soon after I left work. He was burried on Canada Day, the same day you were born. It really reminded me of the circle of life, and as one life leaves this Earth, another one enters. Mr. P was a very nice man, and it was sad to seem him go. Mrs. P was excited to meet you and came to the home the same day that we visited. She brought with her a very special gift, that I will cherish forever. She made you a brightly colored "I Spy" quilt. She quilted it herself with lots of love! Each quilt square is made of a different print, and is a different size, what a lot of work!

At this time you are only able to lay on it, but soon you will be able to look more at it, and eventually we will be able to play "I Spy" with it. I can' wait.

During this week, daddy went on a motorcycle trip with some of his friends. When he came back, he surprised me with something new on his arm...a new tattoo! It's a dedication to you. He is so proud of you. He also brought home some little Harley Davidson t-shirts for you. Very cute.

Here are some more cute pictures of you...mommy had a little fun trying to pose you!

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  1. i cannot believe that quilt, what an amazing story/history behind it. It's so beautiful!:)
    Les's tatoo looks awesome to!