Saturday, September 5, 2009

3 Weeks: Tired Mommy & Hungry Baby

Well into the third week we were still struggling over the feeding problems you were having. Breastfeeding was such a struggle and was very discouraging at this point. You had not gained much weight from week 2 to week 3, and the health nurse was a little concerned. Your daddy and I decided that it was probably a better idea to just switch you to formula, because I was feeling so discouraged. I felt really bad about not succeeding at breastfeeding, but was relieved just the same to have made a decision and seeing you eat better.

Sometimes I still feed bad about it. But you have chubbed up nicely now, and seem relatively healthy so I guess I shouldn't worry.
During this week we visited Sito and Grandpa at their house, and Uncle Darwin held you. He held you the day after you were born at our house, but we didn't get a picture. He thinks you are very cute, and can't wait to take you quadding, and hunting. He will probably teach you how to irritate me too!

You are still sleeping a lot at this point. You are calm and quiet and actually pretty easy to care for. You like your baths and are so nice to cuddle with.

Another important person you met this week was your Great Grandma Bernadette Cadieux. She is Grandpa Richards mom, and she is 88 years old in this picture. Grandpa brought her to our house to visit. She brought you some very nice clothes, including a cute pair of jeans. She was especially excited about those because when her kids were small she could not afford to buy things like that. She wished she could but they were poor and she raised 11 children! Your Great Grandma is a self taught artist. She paints beautiful scenery pictures. When she was young she sold a few paintings to make extra money. Mommy doesn't have any of her paintings, but hopes to get one from someone as a keepsake. Maybe you will inherit her talent...I hope so!

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