Monday, August 31, 2009

The Four Legged Children

When deciding that it was time to start a family both Les and I knew that we needed to move to the country. To us, this is the best place to raise children. We were very excited about buying this farm because we knew it would be great for our kids someday.

Although, at this point we were still waiting for your arrival, we already had several other members of the family living here.

The horses were the newest edition and helped to make our farm a real farm. Here I am holding Eldon and Les is holding on to Buck.
Another member of the family is Max. He is a great dog, who we adopted in January 2009. We are so lucky that he turned out to be the dog he is. This big brute desperately wanted to get in on the photo session. While Les and I were posing he continually butted his way in front of us, no matter how much we pushed him away. Finally we gave up and let him pose!
Somehow Billie and Gingi did not end up in any of these pictures. Don't worry they make their appearance later.

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