Wednesday, December 2, 2009

22 Weeks: Grrrrr, I can growl now!

Each week Mommy gets an email from which outlines what I should expect from you for that week. The update I just got is pretty close to what you are doing now. I have to say that in the last 5 months I noticed the biggest change in you in the last 4 weeks (between 4-5 mo). I think its because your motor skills have advanced so much. You use your hands a little more precisely, you try to sit up more when leaned back, you stand for brief moments on our legs. It's amazing that a few weeks ago you couldn't do that.

Today Daddy spent the day with you while Mommy went shopping. He noted that your latest amusement is to make spit bubbles yourself. You are very excited about that right now!

Dec 4.09- Yesterday you surprized me by mimicking what I was doing. I was buzzing my lips at you and you actually did it back! It was very cute. Of course your version involved spit bubbles too! We got a very nice surprise yesterday from grandpa Richard. He stopped by to bring us some books that Sito bought for you! But that's not all...THEY BOUGHT US A NEW CAMCORDER!!! I can't believe it. I had mentioned to Grandpa that Daddy and I were thinking of getting one, so I guess he decided to get it instead. I am so excited about it, because now we not only will have pictures of you, but video as well. It is such a generous and thoughtful gift. Both Daddy and I are very appreciative. I can't wait to use it! Another thing that you have started is hollering or actually it's growling when you are getting frustrated and want us to come and get you. Now you really sound like a baby bear!
Today, Dec 7, I put together your high chair that was bought for you when you were first born. I wanted to see if you could fit into it and use it instead of hauling your rocking chair around to the table. Here are come cute pictures of you in it. You are such a little King.

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