Wednesday, November 4, 2009

18 Weeks: Such A Happy Baby

Messy Face!
Look at me fly!

Look how much I have changed

First Blog Header Photograph

Mr. Little Red Riding Hood

In this picture you are wearing a new little hoodie from Auntie Kelsey and Uncle Ian! You are starting to get quite a collection of "Canada" themed items now! It's a good thing you look good in red...and it's my favorite color.

I am doing a little updating of the blog today, I changed the header to a more recent photo. It was taken the day Auntie Lindsay did our family pictures. I will be posting those soon. Anyway I really like this one. I love the color of that touque on you! Of course your Mommy made that for you.

Today (Nov 4) I decided to try feeding you a little baby cereal. I made just a teaspoon and you did pretty well. I fed you some more before bed. I wonder if you will be less hungry in the night...I guess we'll have to wait and see. You are still getting up between 3 and 4 times per night. You seem to be hungry so maybe this will make a difference and allow all of us to get more uninterrupted sleep. You are holding your head up better. I have been working on getting you to look in both directions and stretching the right side of your neck. You seem to have a bit of a crooked neck right now, but I think it is pretty minor yet. We just need to strengthen your neck muscles more.

Daddy is now home from his hunting trip. He has a bad cold though! I hope you don't get it too!

Here is a picture of your messy face as you are learning to eat your cereal. You also love to be held up above us and wiggled. You smile...and drool all over us!

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