Monday, November 9, 2009

18 Weeks: Such A Happy Baby Post #2

I decided to start another post for this week because the other one was getting long and I wanted to add another picture with some thoughts. First, in this picture you are sitting in your new Bumbo chair. It's the latest thing in helping babies like you sit upright. You are actually liking it and I have already noticed that you are able to hold your head a little straighter. It really gives you a new perspective on things.
Anyway, today just seemed sort of like a long day. I found myself thinking a lot about my emotions and how I feel about you. I couldn't help but get a little choked up. There is something about you that is so very special that I cannot really describe. I think it's the feeling of being a mommy of something or someone.
I love you so much, that it feels like I am going to burst. To see that beautiful gummy smile just makes me happy even when I am feeling frustrated or tired. Sometimes at night when I am putting you to bed you start to fuss and it is hard to settle you down. I get a little impatient because I am tired too. But then eventually you settle off to sleep and sometimes grin while you sleep. That makes any frustration melt away. Hearing you breath is so peaceful because it is so soft I can hardly hear it.
I feel so tired today, that I just want to crawl into bed, but I have to say that it is all worth it. Because tomorrow I will wake up and there you will be smiling and waiting for either daddy or I to lift you out of the crib. And tomorrow I will get to hear that lovely little giggle again. That is the best sound in the world.
Often I get these emails that say list your favourite color, smell etc etc. Here's my list today:
1: Favourite Smell: The smell of your head or your hair.
2. Favourite Sight: Your gummy smile and chubby cheeks.
3: Favourite Song: Your giggle and babbling
4: Favourite Touch: Is your soft skin
5: Favourite thing to do: Cuddle you or give you a bath.
Today you fell asleep in my arms while we watched t.v. I then put you down on the spare bed while I worked on the computer. Of course you woke up! You looked at me and smiled. When I leaned down to kiss you, you grabbed my hair and put your face in it. It was so sweet. It was a very special moment between mommy and you.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful post!
    I loved reading it.

    He looks like he is LOVING his chair!
    What a big boy he is!! :)
    Awesome latest pics!