Thursday, November 26, 2009

21 Weeks: Spit Happens

Happy Birthday Sito!
Yeah, I know I look good!

Hey Good Looking!

Look what I can do!

My dear little man...or should I say fountain. You never stop drooling! I no sooner get you dressed and your shirt is soaked. What am I going to do?
As I said before you constantly have your hands in your mouth, so they are usually soaked. So is your face. Your cheeks are always wet!
It's funny though. Usually Daddy and I just have to laugh at you.
Now you are getting better at sitting up. We put you on our laps and then pull you up to sitting with your arms. You are engaging your abs now and you like to sit up. When we do this you think its funny and you usually smile a big open mouth smile.
You also now put weight through your legs and can sort of stand when we hold you. It's pretty amazing! I think it has something to do with that jumperoo. When you are excited or in the mood to do it, you fling yourself around in it bouncing wildly. It's so funny.
You love to be tickled and we love to tickle you! We get the best laughs and squeals out of you. There is nothing better than that. A person can't help but laugh when I baby does. It's a great stress reliever too!
Anyway, later this week we will go to Sito's for her birthday. She will be 51! Mommy will have to bake her a cake...I don't know what kind yet!

November 28. 2009- Well besides drool we have boogers! You have another cold. And yes daddy passed it on to you! Poor little guy. Your nose is running like crazy and your are sneezing. Oh and you hate to have your nose wiped! It's Sito's birthday today. She will be here later to have supper with us. Mommy is making lasagna and a poppy seed cake. Grandma Barb and Norm are coming too. Lucky boy!
Dec 1. 2009- HAPPY 5 MONTH Birthday! Yipppee!

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  1. ok...all i can say is "BUCKS!!!"
    i don't think sito can get ANY happier.
    i love it.
    her joy is infectious!