Wednesday, November 18, 2009

20 Weeks: Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Daddy get up already!
Caught eating your blanket

My New quilt!

Checking out your new quilt
So many duckies!!

Good Morning my little man! You are actually having a nap right now so I thought I would take the opportunity to jot down a post for this week so far. Well today is the first day of your 20th week! You have changed so much.

There are a few new things that we have noticed. First, since we had the time change on the 1st of the month you have stayed on your own sleep time. Which means that you are attempting to get up even earlier, and wanting to nap by 8am!! You are all over the map in terms of sleep and I am not sure what to do. Especially since you are still waking up at least 3 times per night!

Another thing that you do now which actually is quite annoying is that you always pull my hair! Every time I pick you up, you instantly grab a handful of hair (and sometimes put it in your mouth). It hurts!

But to make up for that your cuteness stays true since you now copy what we do. For instance when you are babbling and we imitate you, you do it back. You also smile or laugh when we laugh. If you show you how to touch something, you then try again yourself. It's pretty neat to see.
The bathtime routine is your favourite part of the day. You love to splash around and be splashed back. You also love your duckies!

The things we do to get you to sleep are feed you, rock you a little, and then put you in the crib. Then mommy rubs your back or pats your bum and you usually fall asleep. If you wake up right away I usually try to just pat your bum or rub your back to help you fall back asleep.

This week Daddy's uncle Robert came to visit and his wife, Auntie Cindy made you another beautiful quilt. It is adorable with reds, yellow, blue green and clown print. It is made so perfectly. I am so amazed! Also, on November 24th Daddy finally shot a buck deer. He is so proud of it. Mommy is just glad that hunting season is almost over.


    love love love him!!

  2. I know isn't he cute! All the pampers and huggies babies have nothing on him!

  3. Hannan, he's pretty AMAZING. You can certainly tell who is parents are from the smile and the eyes. Hope things are well for the three of you!

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