Saturday, October 24, 2009

16 Weeks: Mr. Sweet Talker

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Busy Boy

Tasty Fingers!
Splish-Splash baby!

You are not a quiet baby anymore! But it's a good thing. You are "talking" to us now like crazy. You are squealing, cooing, babbling, and making all kinds of sounds I can't describe. It is so sweet to hear and funny too. Sometimes I am in another room and I can hear to babbling away at your toys or to your mobile.

This week so far we went to visit Grandpa Richard on his birthday (Oct 21), he turned 56. I made him a homemade card with a picture of you on it (the one of you in the leaves). He started to cry! You really touch his heart. He says he feels so lucky to have such a cute grandson. Mommy is so happy to have you too. You have changed our lives so much and I love you more each day...actually I don't know how I could love you any more!

Also this week, you had the company of some very cute little friends, Nathan and Mason. These little guys were both born in March to two ladies that Mommy works with. All three of us had boys! They seem so big compared to you, and have each changed so much from the time they were born. Neither of them have much hair so their mommies were pretty impressed with yours. We had a nice visit all together. Mommy is so happy that they came. We will go visit them soon too.

Oh yes! You have rolled over again! The other day you rolled in your crib while I was cleaning, so then I made you do it a few more times. It's hit and miss. Somedays you do it and others not.
I forgot to mention, that since our trip my hair has started to fall out. Apparently it's normal after having a baby but I am not enjoying it at all. I have never lost so much hair!! Very gross.
Oct 27- Well my little buddy it's the end of another week together. Later this week you got to visit with Grandma Barb again. She and Norm came to visit you and had supper with us. She gave you lots of kisses, and couldn't belive how much you have changed.

Your latest discovery besides all of the talking is your hands. You have figured out how to stuff them into your mouth and drool everywhere! Yesterday I cleaned a little exerciser I got for you (used so it needed the bleach treatment)and put you in it. You are still a little floppy, but you seemed to enjoy it. At least it kept you occupied for more than 10 mins.
We continue to go out for walks when the weather isn't too bad. You to smile at me while we walk and then fall asleep.

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