Tuesday, October 20, 2009

15 Weeks: Week of Photos

Picture on bale.
Our first two eggs!
Bundled up in the fall leaves

Well my little guy, this week has come and gone quickly. There were no major happenings, except that with the nicer weather I took the opportunity to take lots of photos. (All of the ones above that you see, and the 6 below). I know I am a little photo-crazy but hey why not? It keeps me entertained.
Earlier this week we all met with Lindsay to take some family photos. I should be able to pick them up tomorrow. I can't wait to see them and post some. They were really important to me as they are our first portraits as a new family and also signify daddy and I being married for 5 years.
Also, I took photos of you watching t.v. and laying on some blankets one evening when it was bath time. You were in a really good mood so it worked out well. I love the one of your little naked bum! You were really flexing! Actually, you are really working at propping yourself up now. You haven't rolled over since that one day, but I am sure you will again soon. You are grasping objects more and batting at the toys on your gym. You are pretty mezmerized by them. You hold your head up better, although you are still floppy.
Today we went out for a walk, and I took some pictures of you on the bales in a neighbours field. It was a bit cold so I couldn't spend too much time, but that's okay.
Big event this week was our first farm eggs from our hens! Yipee very exciting. Well not really but whatever. We have 12 hens so hopefully I will be able to get lots of eggs and starting selling some. I thought maybe I might put the little bit of cash aside for you just to see what I can get. Every little bit helps!
Other than that, you have been a bit grumpy in the evenings. Your tummy is hurting I think and you have being crying a lot. I don't know what to do to help you so we just kinda sit through it, massaging your tummy, exercising your legs, and trying to comfort you. I feel really bad that you are in pain.
Well tomorrow starts a new week for you, it's grandpa's birthday so we are going there for supper. Love you!


  1. these are so beautiful.
    cowboy dreams completely melted my heart.

    you MUST make an enlargement for cookum and mooshum.

  2. Hannan, what a gorgeous baby Cody is! And what a great mommy you are (I'm not surprised, you had a lot of practice with my 3 kids!). Love you guys lots, and hope to see you and Precious real soon!