Wednesday, October 7, 2009

13 Weeks: Road Trip, Post 6

Not a hair out of place!

Oct 6.09- Today is Daddy's 34th birthday! So we all sang happy birthday to him. Well actually you just smiled, but Billie and Gingi sang on your behalf. Today was such a crazy day. We met Owen for coffee, then I took you to Riverview Care Centre where I used to work. Everyone was very excited to meet you, and it was so nice to see all the people I used to work with. You were a hit. Everyone thought that you definitely look like daddy, but that you have my eyes.
Later, we met up with Owen and his family for supper which was really nice but slow which is the usual for Medicine Hat. You got to meet Owen's mom, Terry who had made me a beautiful nursing pillow. It's in your room.
After that we went to mommy's friend Stephanie's to visit where you met more people. You got more gifts! Such a lucky baby. So many more clothes, honestly you have such a wardrobe! I don't think I ever had that many clothes. They are all so nice. I can't wait to dress you in them.
So today was an exciting but tiring day. Tomorrow we are home bound. We are ready to be off the road. I am tired of riding in the truck, and daddy is tired of setting up the camper. Good night my little buddy.

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