Wednesday, October 14, 2009

14 Weeks: Happy Thanksgiving!

My First Thanksgiving.

Watching t.v.

Two of a kind

Max' new house

Baby Nikes

Well this week was one of many firsts for you! It's been very eventful. On October 9th mommy and daddy celebrated their 5th anniversary! We really didn't do anything special, since we just got back from our trip, but I hope to get some pictures taken of all of us soon. We really haven't had any nice pictures taken since our wedding, oh and a few maternity ones.

Anyway, after we got back from our trip Sito and Grandpa came to visit, and Sito made you laugh! It was so cute. You still won't laugh for me though, I guess you don't think I am very funny!

On Oct 12, while you and I were enjoying a morning coffee you rolled over for the first time! I got so excited that I spilled my coffee everywhere! I got you to do it a few times, but then you got tired of it. And I haven't been able to get you to do it since.

This year was your first Thanksgiving Holiday. This is mommys favorite holidiay since I love the fall. It's cold this year, so there was snow! We had you dressed in a special Thanksgiving outfit that we bought for you, and we put your cowboy hat on so Judo could see it. He thinks the world of you and thought the hat was pretty funny. We had a very nice supper that Sito made, she always makes a good meal!

Val, Bruce and Ashley visited over the weekend and brought you more gifts! They are in big trouble! They bought you a barnyard animal set and a tiny pair of Nike runners! They are so small that I don't know if you will fit them when you actually learn to walk. They might just be for show. They are very cute anyway.

Well with the weather suddenly getting so cold we are starting to prepare for winter. We built a place to haul in the wood downstairs for the wood stove. We also built Max a straw dog house, he doesn't like the cold very much. Having you this summer made the time go by even faster than in normally does. We were lucky to have such a nice warm September though.

Anyway this was an exciting week for me. You change so much each day, it's hard to keep up. You make many babbling sounds now, and in the last day or so, really have learned to use your hands much more. You are able to sit propped up and bat at the toys on your gym. Such a big boy!

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