Wednesday, October 7, 2009

13 Weeks: Road Trip, Post 4

Beautiful Scenery

(Tiny) Rhinestone Cowboy

Oct 3.09- We tried to sleep a little more this morning. Yesterdays rain made us very tired! Today the plan is to tour the city a bit, check out the shopping. But it’s raining again which sucks
So we quickly toured the mall again today, but we made it quick because we wanted to check out a couple of other places and we decided that we weren’t going to stay another night. It’s been raining anyway, so we can’t really sight see.
We went to the babies R’ Us store and found some cute things for you. We even found you a baby cowboy hat! It is so funny. I had to buy it. We also bought you a special outfit for Thanksgiving. The clothes are so much cheaper in the US.
Tonight we arrived late at a campsite, called Elbow Lake and stayed the night.

Oct 2.09- So last night was our last night in Thunder Bay. We all went out for supper but unfortunately you fussed and cried the whole time which wasn’t a lot of fun for us. You would not sleep all day, so by supper time you were overtired. Anyway today we headed south to the US.
We travelled for several hours all along the edge of Lake Superior which was pretty awesome to see. It was pouring rain though so we couldn’t get out and take pictures. But the waves along the shore were huge, crashing against the rocks.
We arrived in Minneapolis around rush hour! We crawled along to find the Mall of America, and then a campsite. Once we were set up we went to the mall to tour for awhile. It’s very big, but actually not bigger than West Edmonton Mall. They have a whole store dedicated to Barbie (which would be exciting if you were a girl), and also a place full of Lego!
We didn’t see it all before it closed, so tomorrow we will tour some more. Of course Daddy wants to go to some hunting store that we don’t have in Alberta!

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