Wednesday, October 7, 2009

13 Weeks: Road Trip, Post 5

Pose for a pic!

I love those cheeks!

Oct 5.09- We tried to get an early start this morning but it just seemed like we couldn’t get going! We couldn’t find anyone to pay for the camping…we got such a run around, and then we got tied up in this town when we stopped at Wal-mart. Anyway we drove all day today. It didn’t take us as long as we thought to get to the border so we kept going on toward Medicine Hat. We arrived here around 7:30 and went over to Owens to have pizza. Tomorrow I am going to take to you where I used to work and you will get to meet all of mommy’s friends from Medicine Hat.

Oct 4.09- We got on the road early this morning ready for a long day of driving. We went through Fargo, North Dakota and then to Grand Forks, where again we had to tour Cabela’s the hunting place that daddy is so interested in. I had to look around to, and found you a cute camouflage pj. It is pretty cute. Pretty much the whole trip we have been buying things for you. But I guess that is what having a baby is all about! Besides everything is so cute you can’t pass it up. We drove for a long time again today. I am getting pretty tired. We ended up in a small town called Tioga and found a place to camp. Oh, we stopped in Rugby, North Dakota at the “Geographical Center of North America”. Not much of a monument, but at least we could say we were there! Tomorrow Montana, and possibly Alberta.

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