Wednesday, October 7, 2009

14 Weeks Road Trip, Post 7

Just chillin'

Oct 7.09- Yay! We arrived home today! What a long drive today was because it was so windy and cold. We just wanted to get here. When we did Max was ready to greet us and so happy we were home.

Well all in all it was a wonderful trip. I am very thankful that everything went well and that daddy took us. It was so nice to see all of our friends and to show you off a little.

You seem to be growing! Some of the clothes I had packed are now going to go into the "too small" box. You are smiling so much now. And last night my friend Ashley was able to get a small giggle out of you. So I am still trying but you won't laugh for me! You are a little monkey. You have discovered your hands more now. They are always in your mouth. Also, you like to snuggle with a blanket against your face. You put that in your mouth too.

Sito, Grandpa and Uncle Darwin are dying to see you. I think they will be here tomorrow.

It's nice to be home. We have lots to do before the snow flies! You are back in your crib tonight. It's going to be weird not sleeping with my little guy tonight. It's so nice watching you sleep.

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