Tuesday, June 29, 2010

51 Weeks: Happy Birthday Week!

Only a few hours old in this picture!

June 30/2010- Well my little man, tonight is your last night as a little baby I guess. Tomorrow you will be a big boy!! One year old already. I can't believe it. Seems so weird that last year at this time, Mommy was very pregnant with you. And you were probably kicking away like crazy being a little monkey just as you are now!

You are sleeping right now and Mommy and Daddy have got a lot of things ready for the party tomorrow. Mommy is making a big Canada Flag cake, Daddy made burgers and we bought lots of other good things to eat! We are very excited to have everyone over. I pray that we have nice weather! Last year actually the weather was very nice, although Mommy didn't get to enjoy it too much!

Well I will write more later I guess, after the party is said and done!

July 3/ 2010- Your party was a hit! We had lots of fun. In the morning Mommy and Daddy got the last minute things ready before people started to arrive. You got to open the presents from us. Daddy bought you a little ball glove, soft ball, Canada cooler and a sweater from Lammle's that says "Cowboy Up". Mommy bought you red slippers, and a new life jacket. Plus everything else for the party!
We had lots of guests who all enjoyed the BBQ burgers Daddy made. You weren't really feeling well I don't think since you still have a darn cold. So you had a nap half way through the party. Then we had your fancy cake which you didn't understand. You are still too little. But that's okay it was still fun for Mommy and Daddy. You didn't really even eat your cake. MMMmmmm it was Mommy's famous chocolate cake too!
Everyone who came was very generous and brought wonderful gifts for you. TOO MANY! We appreciate it very much. It's nice to know we have such nice friends and family. You got lots of new toys that you will learn to play with soon. Some new clothes and money too.
All in all it was a good day. It was a lot of work, but I am really happy that I did it for you! Why not? You are my little star!

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