Wednesday, June 16, 2010

49 Weeks: A Very Runny Nose

Ahh my little man, you have been sick this week. Poor little guy, you've caught a nasty cold. There has been snot everywhere! All over Mommy! And there are kleenex and wipes scattered throughout the house.

Thankfully you have not developed a bad cough or anything, and hopefully you won't. You are still sleeping okay despite the fact that you are having a hard time to breathe. But Mommy has given you a Eucalyptus bath and rubbed baby Vicks on you!

Big news for this that Daddy should be home in a few days.

Here are some pictures of you "brushing your teeth". I have tried to use the finger brush, but now you just bite my finger!

Daddy came home on Friday, and guess what "you bought him for Father's Day"...a boat! Mommy wasn't too keen on getting a boat, but it is a nice thing that we can do activities as a family. You got to go for your first boat ride, and fishing trip. Mommy took lots of pictures, but of course the camera is now missing.

Daddy has decided to put is motorcyle for sale, so Mommy took some pictures of you sitting on it with Daddy.

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