Wednesday, June 2, 2010

47 Weeks: Mommy Starts Work Again

This week has started off very busy for you. Over the weekend you got to spend 2 nights at Sito's house!! The original plan was that Mommy and Daddy were going to go on a horseback trail ride, but the weather was so bad we didn't go. You stayed at Sito's anyway. She took you to Uncle Darweish's 50th birthday party where you were a big hit. Mommy packed your western shirt, dark blue jeans and new cowboy hat. Everyone thought you were so cute, and one lady said you should be the poster boy for the Calgary Stampede!

Anyway Sunday we picked you up, Daddy got ready to go to work for Monday. And on Monday Mommy got ready to go back to work! I was a bit nervous about dropping you off at the baby sitter, but you seemed okay with it. At the end of the day Mommy was so relieved because you had a really good day!! You slept well, ate well and didn't hardly cry at all. Today was just as good! Mommy is so happy. When she dropped you off this morning you had a big smile as soon as you saw "Auntie Chantal", your sitter and the other kids. Mommy definitely feels like you are well taken care of. And you are eating things that I didn't know you could even eat! Auntie fed you a grilled cheese sandwich, and other things you ate all by yourself! I am so proud of you!

So tomorrow will be the end of Mommy's first work week! SO FAR SO GOOD!

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