Friday, June 11, 2010

48 Weeks: Curious George

Good day little man! Today is June 11, 2010 and Mommy realized it was time to update the blog! But guess what, Mommy had not taken any pictures of you in the last week! So today she went a little camera happy and has now posted 14 pictures! First we started off by just playing on the couch, but then you looked so cute playing by the window. Later this evening it was too nice to stay inside so Mommy took even more pictures of you!
This week went by quickly with it being Mommy's 2nd week back at work. It was also my birthday and Mommy turned 28! Yikes! We went to Sito's for pizza and cake. Sito makes good pizza...except when she puts broccoli on it! Mommy always tells her that it doesn't go on pizza!
You did well at the sitters, except for yesterday in which you cried quite a bit in the after noon. You did the same thing today. But I think you had a sore tummy because you had a very big poop and you were all better!
Mommy called this post Curious George because you are in a very curious stage right now. You crawl over to everything, touch everything etc etc. You are always looking for something new and trying things out. Of course you don't know who Curious George is. He was a popular cartoon Monkey a long time ago. But that name suits you now!
Tomorrow Mommy will be going out to LLB to Andrew's Grad. Mommy remembers visiting Auntie Najala Andrew when he was just a baby and was there when he took his first steps! Now he is graduating from high school. It's really amazing how time flies. I guess it's because we are always so busy that the days just cruise!
Daddy is still at work, but checking your blog every 10 mins. He really misses you!

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  1. wow....he has changed so much since I have seen him last. I guess its time for a visit because your little baby looks like a little boy in that stroller! Time flies!