Saturday, June 26, 2010

50 Weeks: Riding in Style

Well in the last week you have enjoyed going for rides on many different things! You love to ride the quad with Mommy and Daddy, and now when we go you make a "brrrr" noise like a motor. It is very cute.

We also have taken you around the yard on the lawn mower while cutting grass and you don't seem to mind that.

Two new things were that Daddy took you for a 2 second ride on the Harley, since he wants to sell it now and thought you should sit on it at least once!

And we bought a boat, so we took you fishing and boating. You really liked that! You seem to really love being outside. Sometimes when you are fussy Mommy just has to put you in the stroller outside and you are quiet. You love to look around at everything, and listen to all the different bird sounds etc. I think you will be a kid who loves the outdoors. Good thing!

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  1. Cute photos!!! We look forward to Cody's 1st Birthday party!! WOW!! A year already! I remember being at your place when you were in labour!! Boy time flies huh? You did great keeping up with weekly updates!! That's precious!