Tuesday, May 4, 2010

42 Weeks: Busy Little Beaver!

Ha! your little teeth are slowly coming in and changing you from a toothless little baby to a toothy little boy. We thought that you were only getting two top teeth but yesterday Mommy noticed that you are actually getting 3 or 4!! No wonder you have been drooling like crazy and a little crabby!

This week has been so busy which is the reason why this entry is so late. Ahhh! tomorrow is already time for a new post! Anyway, the weather has been up and down. The cold days really suck because we can't do much. It's just too wet. The nice days are awesome because we take you outside to suntan a little. Mommy puts you in the wagon with your toys and you supervise all the happenings in the yard, paying close attention to those chickens! You don't like them much. It feels great to get into the sun.

You turned 10 months old on Saturday! You spent the day with Sito, while Mommy got lots of work done around the house. I painted my sewing room downstairs so now it will be a lot more cozy and friendly! Sito took you for a drive, and a quad ride. She loves you so much!

Sleeping for the past 2 nights hasn't been so bad. Mommy has had to resort to just leaving you cry which is very hard to do. But really my little guy you need to sleep, and so does Mommy!!! Let's cross our fingers you catch on fast! Love you! This is our last month before Mommy goes back to work part-time. Where did the time go?

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