Wednesday, May 12, 2010

44: Sunny Day

Yesterday, May 11, 2010, you were a very grumpy little boy. Neither dad nor I know what is making you so grumpy. We think it is a combination of two things...1 being your teeth, 2 you want to be picked up and carried.
So in order to keep my sanity, I took you outside yesterday and we did all kinds of things to keep you occupied. We rode the lawn tractor, rode the quad, raked the yard, and took these nice pictures.
Here you are eating grass for the first time. Tasty!!


  1. hahaha...these are tooo funny. He is totally a mini les...omg, has he ever changed in his face to now be such a little boy. he is almost going to be a little toddler! any walking yet?

  2. He is barely starting to walk along the couch with lots of encouragement!! It's pretty funny. I know...his face has really changed. The teeth make a big difference. Can you get knocked up too please. I would like to see a little blonde baldy with blue eyes!