Monday, April 19, 2010

41 Weeks: Mr. Up-All-Night

Mommy is behind again at updating the blog! It is likely due to the fact that I am so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open! You have not been sleeping well for a while now and neither daddy or I know why.

A few days ago we decided to try cutting out all the foods we have been feeding you and just go back to square one. It seems to have helped. But now we have noticed that you are definitely getting another tooth, so maybe that is the problem. It's so hard to tell, and I feel bad that you can't tell us.
I also feel bad about having not patience for anything, but it's hard when you are not getting enough sleep.

Anyway this weekend you got to have a sleep over with sito and grandpa. They were happy to take you! And they did all kinds of things with you including taking you for a walk and even a quad ride.

Yesterday Grandpa Tom and Grandma Holly came to visit you and we went out to the field on the quad. Grandpa was shooting his old fashioned guns with daddy. I thought you would get scared of the noise but you didn't even flinch. It is so nice to get outside with you more now and I don't have to bundle you up or worry about the cold.

Here are some pictures of you and Grandpa Richard in his green house. You love to pull the flowers from the stems! And Sito bought you a floatie for the tub. You think it's pretty fun!

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