Thursday, January 28, 2010

30 Weeks: Toothless No More

Little farmer and his tractor

Billie and Me

I can't call you toothless any more! Although it's not fully in yet, it's on it's way! You have been a bit crabby and whiny, but not too too bad. Last night Sito came to see the tooth, and she helped put you to bed. Funny how you ate well while she was here and didn't give her any hassle to go to sleep!!

But the big newsbreak of today, Jan 28, is that I think there is another tooth! This morning you were spitting out your food, and Mommy was getting a little mad. So after a break I picked you up and tried to give you a bottle. You didn't want that either. But mommy wanted to see that tooth again so she checked in your mouth and there is ANOTHER little slit forming right next to the other! I can't see the white yet, but I think it's there! TWO TEETH! Lucky you!
Later this week Mommy confirmed that there is infact another tooth! You are going to make a cute little beaver with your 2 chickletts.
Mommy took you over to Sito's on the weekend for a sleep over. Mommy then went to visit Jolene and Tyler and little baby Travis. What a little sweetie. Then Mommy just got to relax and catch up on some sewing and some sleep which was nice.

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  1. Farmer Cody! The outfit finally fits!! He must be getting so big. I can't wait to see him and well the rest of you when I come in May. I hope he learns my name by then.

    Miss you guys!