Wednesday, April 7, 2010

40 Weeks: Happy 9 Months!

Me and Daddy, and my truck

This is how I crawl

9 mo photo

I love Billie

Hey little man! Happy 9 month birthday this week. You have now been on the outside has long as you were on the inside!!
You are moving like crazy now. Well you are trying to crawl! It is more like a drag. You use your arms to pull you along but not your legs so they just drag behind.
You have taken to shrieking or screaming loudly which is quite annoying. Mostly because we don't know what you want. On Friday, last week, we went to Uncle Harvey's bull sale and that was a big event for you. You got meet most of the Uncles on Grandpa's side of the family that you have not met yet. You also met your aunties and many other people you thought you were soooo cute. You saw Uncle Darwin doing his job at the ranch and many cowboys!
This week we went from having beautiful weather to a huge snow storm, so bad that we can't even drive on the roads. One day we were walking in our t shirts and the next we needed a parka! I can't believe it. I am going to try to get some pictures of you in the snow tomorrow.
Also something that we have really noticed with you is that you really want to play with Billie and Gingi. It's okay but you expect them to sit still while you pet them, hit them, and pull on their skin. Of course now they try to get away from you and that only makes you mad. So you holler and get mad, but it doesn't make a difference to them.
You also have little interest in your toys now. Well sometimes. You now want to slither along the way you do, like a baby seal, or a snail, and touch everything else like the blue water jugs, the legs of the high chair which you like, and the DVD player. It's amazing how you have improved on your movement in just a few days!

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