Wednesday, March 10, 2010

36 Weeks: The Beautiful Box

Today Mommy's Uncle Randy, who everyone calls Hozie came to visit you. He brought with him a beautiful new toy box just for you (and a bi-zillion kisses). Hozie always give big wet kisses and scratches you with his beard. He always all the kids!

Hozie is a talented carpenter and of course when you and your cousin Zain, who is about 5 mo older than you, came along both Mommy and Jamealie (Zain's Mommy) requested toy boxes from Hozie. Actually Jamealie came up with the idea first, but Mommy copied her.

So Hozie brought it over today, and it is huge! I love it. We even put you inside and took some pictures, which I will post later. The only problem is that the box came empty...we will have to discuss that with Hozie! Anyway there is lots of room to fill, and over the years I know it will be FULL! But the most beautiful thing about it is that it was made just for you. And that you will have it for the rest of your life. It may carry toys, then clothes or shoes, or maybe blankets or fishing gear, hunting gear who knows! It really is special. So is Hozie and so are you. He loves kids and has always been like Mommy's second Dad. You will learn lots from him I am sure. He will teach you to fish and maybe build things. But what Mommy knows is coming...he will teach you to swear, of course because him and Judo both think that is funny! That's okay, Mommy will teach you how to piss on the tires of his fancy red truck!

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